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SSS Maternity Benefit 1 and 2 Online Filling

What is SSS Maternity Benefit? 

This maternity benefit is granted by SSS to all qualified female members to receive financial assistance due to childbirth or miscarriage. 

Maternity 1 or Mat 1: Notification to SSS that you're currently pregnant and will avail of their maternity benefit

Go to E-Services > Submit Maternity Notification and select the expected date of Delivery and how would you like to allocate maternity leave credits.

Maternity 2 or Mat 2: Submission of requirements after delivery or miscarriage

Go to E-Services > Submit Maternity Benefit Application

Enter date of delivery or miscarriage date & # of pregnancy, then upload the requirements such as Ultrasounds and Hispatological reports.

So instead of going to the SSS branch to submit all the physical copies of the requirements, you can just submit it online. Make sure that you have a validated bank account and contact details are also updated.

June 14 - Submission of my MAT2 via SSS website. I just took photos of my documents through my phone.

June 22 - My application got disapproved. An SSS approver called my registered phone number and advised that I need to upload any of the following BIOPSY/HISTOPATHOLOGICAL RESULT, RECORD OF OPERATION/D&C REPORT OR ULTRASOUND RESULT with the OB's license / PRC number since I got miscarriage. It's the only needed file to be uploaded before she can have it marked as passed. Good thing I got my D&C Report with my OB's license number.

June 23 - I got an approval email from SSS.

June 25 - It was finally credited to my BDO account. Our hospital bills, medicine, and check-ups now got reimbursed.

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