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Above and beyond with Saka Resort

Saka Resort in Tarlac opened in 2009 with only a handful of cottages and resources. The first employees were the owner’s children that helped during cleaning and closing time. The resort has seen its share of typhoons that wiped out cottages and their old pavilion. Minor and major renovations were made, and cottages were built and upgraded. Eleven years later, Covid struck.

During the pandemic, the management continued supporting their employees by giving food—even when they shut down their operations due to restrictions. When they opened back up, the employees were given shift turns to keep working despite the low customer turnout. Pools were kept clean, gardens were taken cared of, a souvenir pop-up shop was installed, ensuring work for their employees. It was undoubtedly a challenging year. 

However, since then, Saka Resort has launched their website, built a couple more cottages, set up an indoor garden events area, and has made a few more improvements here and there while keeping to their theme.

Challenges have been brought about by life and circumstance, but the Saka Resort family remain resilient and steadfast. Saka Resort carried on and has since continued making mark in people’s lives, a place where families and friends make beautiful memories together.

You may visit their website at www.sakaresort.com or message them on their Facebook at www.facebook.com/SAKARESORT.

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