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Hobbies to try to maximize your Condo Unit

The Covid-19 Pandemic only means that it is recommended and safe for everyone to stay at home. Most may not be used to stay at home as they are having their work outside their places and we all miss our outdoor hobbies. Fortunately, If you have your own place such as a Condo Unit, why not try some hobbies to maximize your place and practicing social distancing by staying at home.

Continue reading to see some recommendations on how you can scale your hobby according to your space size.

  1. Blogging or Vlogging - it can be a personal site or a social media network sharing your life, some tips, and expertise which can also lead to monetization - who knows? You can just use your mobile phone or computer to start.
  2. Learn a new language - a simple hobby to kill time yet it's rewarding as this a skill that may offer you ease especially if you have a chance to travel soon or could offer a good compensation when you're already a multilingual professional.
  3. Journal - if you would prefer no audience, how about starting your journal today? Share your current day and how was it going. Try Bujo as well to start with your lists and reminders - it will help you with healthy and better habits. To be able to keep it as a habit, pick a time of a day that is non-negotiable to write your journal. 
  4. Knitting / Crochet - maybe it's time to create your scarf or accessories instead of buying one. This hobby is fun, relaxing, and inexpensive - you only need a quality hook and yarn to start. Basics are easy and can be easily looked into Youtube. Hook yourself with the basics and you'll find yourself with endless inspirations with knitting. This is also a good business to start at home.

  5. Home Gardening - Being a Plantito or Plantita is a current trend here in the Philippines - the term became popular due to this pandemic. Taking care of such plants can also promote engagement at home to help relieve stress. Condo owners can have a little space as some plants can live in small pots such as succulents or can be hung on your balcony. You would be interested to plant some kitchen herb plants such as basil or just a pretty Heartleaf Philodendron hanging on your windows gives out a light vibe in the room.
  6. Cooking - the healthiest way to eat is to eat at home. I love food! I mean who doesn't! This hobby may be a new talent for you. Home cook a new recipe in your condo unit, say pass for now to food delivery apps, and try this new hobby and discover a new recipe at home and satisfy your cravings. You may also offer your masterpiece to your friends and family, even to your co-lessee. Don't forget to protect the interior of your condominium unit and personal belongings by getting condo insurance. It can help you cover losses or damage inside of your home - such as fire or water that may cause significant damage.

  7. Exercise - you don't need to sign up for an expensive gym and visit it every day to keep yourself fit and healthy. During this pandemic, you can just stay at home and do some exercise such as body weight and yoga. 

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