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A.Stop Spot Treatment and Care Patch | Foam Face a& Body Cleanser

 Recently, I also received new goodies from A.Stop and these are their cleanser, patch, and serum. I have provided my thoughts on the serum in my other blog post

a.stop Foam face & body Cleanser

My first time using a 2 in1 cleanser with salicylic acid - surely a good ingredient to fight acne and even body acne! 

It also contains tea tree oil which also helps in drying out the pimples. 

Get your a.stop Foam face & body Cleanser: https://hicharis.net/glendabelleshop/1s1u

A.Stop Spot Treatment & Care Patch

It contains 3 packs. Each pack with 38 patches inside of different sizes

  • 8 pcs 12mm
  • 30 pcs 10 mm
The patch contains BHA that helps acne skin and Tea tree oil as well.
I like using a pimple patch as it keeps me away from touching my pimples.

Depending on the type of pimple, drying it out varies from 2-5 days based on experience. It feels comfortable and does feel irritating while in use.

Get your  a.stop Spot Treatment & Care Patch:


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