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My Shopping Box - US to PH Courier Service Review

My Shopping Box Tracking

You may be able to find another forwarder from the US to PH here on my blog and this time, I'll be trying out My Shopping Box (MSB). MSB is a forwarder that provides an EU / US address, wherein you can use that address to shop to different sites such as Amazon and Sephora, have it shipped to your designated address, and forward it to your PH address. 

If you're a new user and looking for a referral code, feel free to use My Shopping Box referral code: CANGKWVE

MSB AIR: I have tried their AIR service last July 2020. Paid July 27 and arrived on August 7 = it took 10 business days to be delivered to my PH address.

MSB SEA: Instead of AIR service which costs twice - 47.92 USD, let me try their SEA service which only cost me 23.92 USD which was already paid today August 24, 2020. 

Payments: MSB accepts most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. I used Mastercard for this transaction

Let me show you what's inside my incoming package as displayed on the MSB site - 2 boxes from Sephora full of goodies @.@

As of writing, My Shopping Box confirmed that they do not consolidate boxes, so there are 2 spacious boxes with small items inside, the courier will get the weight of the box either volumetric or chargeable weight.

  • Fast notification on-site/email for a received parcel. On Sephora Site, it was delivered August 17, it was uploaded on the MSB website on August 20 (3 days).
  • Consolidation. Sound expensive for several incoming packages. 
  • Pricing per box measurement not per item. small item vs huge box? 

ONGOING POST. Hope to get my box soon and update more details here! If you have questions, let me know :)

September 24 - no updates yet. I'm just excited. 
October 2 - I got my package via Sea. It's not bad considering its already holiday month. 


  1. Did you get your package?
    They're not responding anymore to emails, phone calls and even in messenger. I think my package is already good as lost.

    1. Hi Elija, yes I did received my package. I also ordered another via SEA CARGO this year.