Jun 10, 2020


Whether being homebound together has made you appreciate Dad more, or you’ve been missing him as boundaries separate, make him feel special with The SM Store’s Father’s Day Gift Essentials and have them delivered to him on his very special day through #SMCalltoDeliver!

The SM Store’s call to deliver catalogue features great gifts for Dad that will touch his heart:

· A Gift of Memories. Whether capturing family’s best moments or his new norm adventures, dads will surely love a new gadget like the FujiFilm Mirrorless Digital Camera or Go Pro Hero Max Action Camera.

· A Gift of Time. Days with Dad are priceless, and it’s amazing how he has always found time for you despite his busy schedule. Organizers for his favorite watch collection will surely bring a big smile to his face.

· A Gift of Fashion and Fitness. A nice pair of rubber shoes, tees, shirts and dri-fit shorts for your dad’s work out from home activity.

· A Gift of Scent-sibility. Either a new scent or his signature scent will add zest to his special day.

· A Gift of Cool. Keep Dad safe with smart and protective helmets as his takes his ride.

For other Father’s Day gift ideas, call the #SMCallToDeliver hotline (0917 800 1074) from Mondays to Fridays, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM for inquiries, or check out the catalog https://www.thesmstore.com/call-to-deliver-catalog

Stay in the loop with latest #SMCallToDeliver updates, and join The SM Store Viber Community Group https://bit.ly/2XLyD0t

Jun 5, 2020

Shipping Cart Experience - 2020 Review

Hi everyone! I would always want to try Shipping Cart as I'm looking for a trusted forwarder from the US. I have tried Jinio as my first forwarder (shared my experience here), still would like to try another forwarder this time - I'm also considering that we are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, I'd like to know how ShippingCart handles the items, fees, transit & communication service. This is not sponsored in any way, just sharing my experience.

Importing outside the country seems to be cheaper in wholesale and maybe even hard to find even locally. Our first item is these case fan value pack from Amazon which my hubby ordered.
Shipped out from the Amazon seller May 21 and Delivered May 23 on out Shipping Cart Address.

On the same day, I got an email alert - a new package has been accepted. I'm not exactly sure if what is the content of the package as I also ordered from several sites that week. There's no other information except this email. This notification will not appear on the app - at least on my current app version 1.0.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, uploading of items may take up to 9 business days. The best way to communicate with Shipping Cart (will call it SC) is via email. 

By June 6, I got a new email that it has been processed and ready for shipping! content has been updated as well. Now visible on my SC account/app. 

and now the most interesting part: How much is the shipment cost?
Since we're still waiting for other packages, we will try initial check out just to see the shipment cost for this set of fans alone. SC also sends the photo of the content - got 3 photos including the measurements.

Please take note on the chargeable weight - the basis for air and dimension - the basis for sea rates
  • Air Cargo - $6.99/pound
  • Air Cargo with Special Handling - $11.99/pound
  • Sea Cargo $1.75/inch (unlimited weight)
Since we have more incoming packages, there's a high probability that we'll use sea cargo.
I will update this post as soon as we completed all pending package and have them shipped out :) 

Edit: June 16, all my boxes arrived already to my designated US address. I choose AIR CARGO this time, let's see if it will arrive by July 17, 2020.

Please take note that this is 7 huge packages from different sites and around 25lbs or 12kgs chargeable weight that why it cost way higher after check out. USD 177.12 or around PHP 9100.

June 28, I received a message alert that my cargo will be delivered to my home address. It was 12 days after we checked out. I'm really surprised how fast was the air cargo service considering we are still experiencing pandemic by this time.

The shipping cart was slow in responding to client concerns. May took them 9-12 days to handle a ticket. I received a ticket there was a damaged item upon arrival to the warehouse. It took them several days to get back to me and yet I did not receive the answer I need if what item was damaged. They have responded that they do not have the info since I have already checked out the orders, yes I did but the email request sent more several days before that. The file for refund was still under investigation. They even closed the ticket prior to resolving that damaged item ticket. More of the cons discussion for my missing items next.

There was a lot of missing items ☹️
I have an unboxing video ready in case they would like to see items received inside my box. 12 items were missing which sums up to $103. Even shipping cart sends out photos of the item, there was a difference in qty once delivered. I always cross-check the packing list vs the items I received.

5 days and counting and they still not returned any response from my CS ticket. ☹️ 
I will edit this if how my missing item concern will turn out. Shipping Cart mentioned on their site that they have insurance but we'll see, I just hope they will not turn me down

My assumption that their insurance covers only for items that were 'pictured' received on their warehouse going to my address. I do not see any buyer protection for the items that were supposedly correctly delivered. How can they support the claim if they only received 8 pcs instead of 10 pcs as ordered on a certain site? Would have been better if they checked their CCTV maybe or other better option than this response. 

Would I recommend Shipping Cart?
I am not a happy SC shopper because of the missing items, very late upload, mixed upload (meaning they combine upload for several packages - shouldn't be!), poor CS support. Quality of photo is something that can be improved, or if they can also provide a breakdown of what is received,  there was this package wherein I really don't know which of which was received. 

If you want to check on US site but no assurance if you receive them (but who else would like that eh?) try them but your own diligence :) I still have some packages complete, like 5/7 packages are complete and 2 with several missing items. No customs fee. Trackable from US  to PH, easy to navigate site and app. Those are my piece of pros. Storage days tracking.

I have 2nd set incoming packages for July 2020 and still the same experience, still have poor responses and missing items. It was delivered on tracking to their warehouse but still not uploaded after 15 days. 

As you see, I tried to give them a second chance but no more 3rd for me unless I can read a lot of plus for them in the future. 

Have you tried LBC's shipping cart? what's your experience
Can you recommend a US forwarder to the Philippines? 

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