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How to Spot Fake The Ordinary Niacinamide

I have posted an Instagram story about how to spot the fake The Ordinary Niacinamide and I noticed that people are not even aware yet that this brand recently had counterfeit. I realized that the post should come to my blog to inform more people.

Please always check date posted of the blog, May no longer be updated due to brand and manufacturer change in packaging over time and the per-country as well. I personally bought these products and I can't afford to always buy them whenever there's a change in packaging. 

I am not affiliated with the brand. I purchased these products with my own money. I will also compare the Niacinamide that I bought from Beautylish, Sephora US &  trusted online sellers who offer buying services from The Ordinary Korea, UK, Canada and from Shopee (similar marketplace we have here on the Philippines like eBay/Amazon).

As of now, the brand did not officially mention how to determine the authenticity of their products whenever purchased outside their store/online store.
Thus I'll be sharing a comparison on this post on how does the counterfeit differs from the authentic version.

To be updated with photos soon!

  1. The sticker should have a sheen, not matte!
  2. Bottom of the box - corner numbers
  3. The gap between the dropper
  4. If you have a Korean text (sticker) on the box and bottle & manufacturing date was it fake?
    • That's authentic! The translation is for the Korean market, and the manufacturing date was printed as directed by Korean Law for beauty products.

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