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Redefining Customer Experience at SM Supermalls in the East

The East of Metro Manila is also being hard hit by the pandemic crisis. Coping has been hard for all especially to our usual shopping habits.

As we slowly and carefully tread into the “new normal”, SM Supermalls in the East has prepared its malls with the minimum health measures as set by the national government. SM Center Angono, SM Cherry Antipolo, SM City East Ortigas, SM City Marikina, SM City Masinag, SM City San Mateo and SM City Taytay are now open to serve customers in this quarantine period.
Uniqlo at SM City Marikina

Shoppers may now go the malls to buy their essentials, pay bills, transact in banks, have their gadgets repaired or take-out food from open restaurants provided that everyone should follow health protocols like thermal scanning, wearing of face masks, presenting of home quarantine passes upon entry and observing physical distancing. Common high-touch areas are sanitized round-the-clock like hallways, ATMs, hand rails, grocery carts, etc. Elevator capacities are reduced to 50%, imposing one-way traffic in hallways, motorcycle parking are spaced one slot apart and deployment of Safety Protocol Officers to enforce social distancing are just few of the numerous measures imposed in each SM mall.

If leaving home is not in the options, SM Malls can bring shopping right at the fingertips. Shoppers can join the Take Out and Deliver Community on Viber and scroll on the shops of choice. Facebook pages of each SM Mall are daily updated with announcements about which shops are open on each day.
SM Hypermarket at SM Taytay

Retail affiliates such as SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Savemore, Uniqlo, Ace Hardware, Watsons, The SM Store, Pet Express, Miniso, Surplus Shop and SM Appliance are now open to serve customers. Select affiliates still offer call and deliver or pick-up for customers who choose to stay home while shopping.

Food tenants who are open also comply with social distancing and sanitation measures for the safety of customers. Open food tenants include KFC, Starbucks and Marisons in SM City Masinag; Ramen Kuroda, Samgyeopsal House and Goldilocks in SM City San Mateo; Marty’s Food Snack, Monster Wings and Gerry’s Grill in SM Cherry Antipolo. Breadtalk, Calle Reyes, Tokyo Tokyo are now open in SM City Marikina.
Soya Bar at SM Angono

More food tenants are also opening for take-out and delivery in the other side of the East including Bonchon, Soya Bar and Gong Cha in SM Center Angono. SM City Taytay branch of Classic Savory, Pancake House and Max’s Restaurant are now open. Lastly, CafĂ© Mary Grace, Shakey’s and Macao Imperial Tea are also open in SM City East Ortigas.

Ushering a new era of customer experience, SM Malls in the East will continue to provide safe and efficient solutions for the benefit of shoppers

How to Spot Fake The Ordinary Niacinamide

I have posted an Instagram story about how to spot the fake The Ordinary Niacinamide and I noticed that people are not even aware yet that this brand recently had counterfeit. I realized that the post should come to my blog to inform more people.

Please always check date posted of the blog, May no longer be updated due to brand and manufacturer change in packaging over time and the per-country as well. I personally bought these products and I can't afford to always buy them whenever there's a change in packaging. 

I am not affiliated with the brand. I purchased these products with my own money. I will also compare the Niacinamide that I bought from Beautylish, Sephora US &  trusted online sellers who offer buying services from The Ordinary Korea, UK, Canada and from Shopee (similar marketplace we have here on the Philippines like eBay/Amazon).

As of now, the brand did not officially mention how to determine the authenticity of their products whenever purchased outside their store/online store.
Thus I'll be sharing a comparison on this post on how does the counterfeit differs from the authentic version.

To be updated with photos soon!

  1. The sticker should have a sheen, not matte!
  2. Bottom of the box - corner numbers
  3. The gap between the dropper
  4. If you have a Korean text (sticker) on the box and bottle & manufacturing date was it fake?
    • That's authentic! The translation is for the Korean market, and the manufacturing date was printed as directed by Korean Law for beauty products.

A Stay Home Date with Mom: SM curates delivery services in Viber in time for Mom’s Day

Manila, Philippines, 03 May 2020 - SM Supermalls encourages everyone to celebrate Mother’s Day at home in line with the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine. To further encourage the public to stay inside their homes, 30 SM malls in Metro Manila and nearby areas in Bulacan and Rizal are curating information on the delivery services of the restaurants present in their establishments in the Viber group Take Out and Delivery at SM.

Launched last April 13, the Take Out and Delivery at SM Viber initiative is a food guide that allows customers to explore the available options for delivery in time for special celebrations like Mother’s Day, or just for the satisfaction of regular food cravings. With the curation of the food guide, customers could now also easily identify the variety of food options available for delivery in their area. As of writing, the group has 80,000 members. The Take-Out and Delivery at SM curators include in their message the following information: restaurant name, location, available time of service, and food type.

Curators also include in their message the restaurants’ contact details since customers are required to transact directly with the establishments. Some of the restaurants in the group are also partners of some food delivery apps, such as Grab Food, Lala Food, and Food Panda.

SM Supermalls reminds those who will be engaging in-home deliveries to continue exercising social distancing and to wear a face mask. The customers are also encouraged to wash their hands after every transaction.

To join the Take Out and Delivery at SM Viber group, customers may click this link: https://bit.ly/3eJ5Ml3.

Customers may also search for the nearest SM mall to them by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/AllSMSupermalls. Other SM affiliates that offer essential goods and services are also operational.

To get to know the store hours of these affiliates, customers may click the following links: Supermarkets: http://bit.ly/AllSupermarketsIn
SM Watsons: http://bit.ly/AllWatsonsInSM
BDO: http://bit.ly/AllBDOBranchesinSM