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Cosrx AC Collection

Cosrx AC Collection
Cosrx AC Collection
Style Korean Global & COSRX sent their AC collection a few weeks ago. Thank you for the chance to try them all. Feedback is based on a 10-day use of this set.
The Cosrx AC Collection consists of:
  •  Calming Foam Cleanser
  • - This cleanser lathers well and refreshes the skin however I find it drying on my skin. Recommended for those looking for squeaky clean feel type of cleansers.
  • Calming Liquid Mild
  • - an alcohol-free toner that feels soothing after use. The green tea and Centella ingredient would help the skin treats any inflammation. I also like using this toner for layering.
  •  Blemish Spot Clearing Serum
  • - aims to help improve skin blemishes with the help of propolis and niacinamide.
  • Lightweight Soothing Moisturizer
  • - another propolis item from the line, it took some time to be absorbed, after few minutes it feels nonsticky moisturizer and smells similar to tea tree scent
  •  Ultimate Spot Cream
  • - It helps in strong sebum absorption and spot treatment for acne
  •  Acne Patch
  • - I like that this comes in a different shape (oval) compared to their first 2 released acne patch. It helps to cover the area in which I had a pimple. It took around 4 days to dry the pimple, that was long as I remember the first 2 acne patch was really effective and dried my pimples the next day.
Overall, my current skin blemish does fade slowly (still progress) and did not experience any skin irritation on this Cosrx AC line.

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