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The Playful Rat at SM Accessories Kids, Toys Kingdom and Miniso

According to Chinese philosophy, the Rat is a symbol of prudence: an inquisitive, brisk animal that rarely finds itself in a desperate situation. The child of the Rat Year fully enjoys these positive qualities of this animal: curiosity, restraint, hard work, insight, a sharp mind, and a strong intuition.

Children of the Rat may appear to be modest and shy but are actually calm kids with bright leadership qualities and strong initiatives. The Rat girl is sweet and charming; while the Rat boy is a born leader who can translate the boldest ideas into reality.

SM Accessories Kids, Toy Kingdom, and Miniso welcome Chinese New Year by celebrating the child in each of us with adorable plush toys.

SM Accessories Kids has a collection of cute, lovable, and huggable plush toys and novelty items that will make New Year playtime lots of fun.

At the Toy Kingdom, Disney’s well-loved Mickey Mouse leads the way along with pretty pastel-colored rat plushies in soft tulle skirts.

Miniso, on the other hand, has cuddly and fluffy hamster inspired plush toys to more love and luck this Chinese New Year.

Bring home warm hugs, joy, charm and lots of luck with these cute and adorable little rats available at SM Accessories Kids department of The SM Store, Toy Kingdom and Miniso stores located in most SM Supermalls nationwide.

Peach C - Honey Glow Cover Cushion - Beauty by Peach

 Peach C - Honey Glow Cover Cushion - Beauty by Peach
My cushion that I use on the daily. Lightweight and fresh finish. It offers the right amount of coverage that lasts more than 8 hrs easily for me. Loving this cushion's coverage - redness evenly countered ❤️ 
  • honey glow
  • long-lasting
  • SPF 50+ PA+++
  • whitening
  • wrinkle improvement
You can get yours here: https://hicharis.net/charis/Gis

Well Lit 3 Days Repair Cream

The cream claimed 3 days to help improve the skin.

Another benefit of using the Well Lit 3 days Repair cream:
🖤Anti-aging - helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles around mouth and eyes
🖤Changing skin texture through calming made possible with Centella Asiatica
🖤Enhance skin elasticity from the inside
🖤Non-stick formulation
🖤Brightens skin tone as this contains niacinamide and adenosine

It's helpful for my skin lately since having dry skin during humid days plus we're having ashfall since yesterday.
The size is perfect for travel too!
Works great on PH humid subtropical climate.
It helps to restore our skin texture by forming a moisture barrier for dull skin.
A cream type but absorption and the effect to the skin are great

You can get yours here: https://hicharis.net/glendabelleshop/I5I

Illiyoon Probiotics Skin Barrier Essence Drop

After seeing their ceramide ATO concentrate cream last year from several Korean friends and their kids even use it, here comes their Essence version!

A 200ml essence free from 7 harmful ingredients
[7FREE from animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, synthetic colors, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, and PEF Surfactant]

This Essence gives enough moisture in small amounts. It feels emulsion rather than essence. Used often during the night - for face & even body. The product smells like powdery floral.

👍🏻 good stuff:

Lacto Skin Complex
Yoon Complex
You can get yours here: https://hicharis.net/glendabelleshop/I4D

My December RRKoreanShop P1000 Mystery Box

I ended my December with a mystery box haul from RR Korean Shop. I'm a member of their facebook page and that time they opened a slot for this P1000 Mystery Box.

Buyers can opt to get a box of makeup, skincare or mixed. I got to full makeup instead since I would like to surprise myself with new colors I can use for 2020~

I'm actually a bit scared with such mystery boxes, I may or may not have felt it worth it but who knows if we'll not try.

So I gave it a try:
I got 7 full-size item

  1. Missha Flash-Up Sun Tension SPF 50+ PA++++ 16g
  2. Cha Skin Multi-Function CC Cream 50g
  3. Peripera Ink Blurring Skin Tint 30ml
  4. Impression Lip Velvet by Aperire
  5. The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer
  6. Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Pencil Concealer + Brightener + Sharpener Set
  7. Chicholic Lip Lacquer Power Fix Matt 3.5ml
The total of the items on their sale price as of writing was: P1780 and I only paid P 1150 (I added the shipping fee).

I love this box as they are all full size and a variety of items was also a good thing. I haven't tried any of these items - my current favorite is the Missha Flash Up Sun Tension. 

DEWY TREE Clean Lab Peeling Gel

Le Flair Philippines kindly gifted my current exfoliating gel: DEWY TREE Clean Lab Peeling Gel

I just said to 2019 & goodbye dead skin~
Hello, better soft skin!

It's advisable to use this peeling gel with a clean face and dry hands, massage on face avoiding eye and lip area.

This peeling gel is efficient during days I got those flaky skin.
It's gentle physical scrub - without making my face red - such a great opt during days I prefer not to use my chemical exfoliants.