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[FIXED] Xiaomi Pocophone F1 incompatible with GCASH & NETFLIX

My December holiday nights are all Netflix nights. I'm currently watching Crash Landing on You, Chocolate and Broken. Then the latest episode was available every Saturday around 9PM PHT of the 1st series I'm watching, surprisingly, there's an update needed before I can open the app - checking Playstore - there's no UPDATE button but note that "Your device isn't compatible with this version"
I'm shocked and don't know what to do as I find this message familiar. I experienced it with my GCASH app, I wasn't able to use my GCASH app for almost 2 months already because of compatibility issues. I need this app for bank transfers and bills payment, good thing I have a backup phone but still, hassle to check up another phone for transactions.

Just to share some deets about my phone. I'm using Xiaomi Pocophone F1 with MIUI 10 Global Beta - As of the moment, there's a release for MIUI 11 for other phones but no existing update for my phone available.
If you're here because of the same issue with your phone, I recommend starting making back up of your stuff - as it will take a while. 

I'll share what we did, however, do it at your own risk. My partner helped me and a good thing there's a thread on how to do it and all the download links.
  1. You need a laptop/desktop & USB connector to work on
  2. Back up your file & fully charge the phone. Remember your Mi Account login
  3. Used the FASTBOOT METHOD UPDATE: Detailed Guide to Unlock Bootloader and Flash MIUI Stable/Beta ROM!
It worked for my Poco. Sure thing restoring the apps could take time and remembering all the log in details might require that 'forget password' - but I'm happy we fixed it. I'm close to buying a new device because of this compatibility issue on Xiaomi Pocophone F1. 

Now that it's fixed. Gonna watch Crash Landing on You E07! :D

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