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BPI credit card for international purchase

I haven't seen a feedback about this topic before. It was 2 weeks prior to our Singapore trip and I still haven't got a chance to call to BPI to activate my credit card due to problems in our internet connection.

When we arrived at the airport, I tried purchasing a meal using my BPI Cards. I have USD and SGD Bills that day but its limited so I refer to my card instead. I purchased a meal worth S$ 10.
My BPI Debit card doesnt work, but good thing credit card transaction was a success. That day the conversion as per google was SGD 1 = P37.33. I was charged P379.61 which reflected on my credit card statement after 3 days. That was around +P6 difference only! It was best option for me here in Singapore for my purchases as long as the cashier accepts mastercard.

If you wish to convert cash to bank, better do it 2 weeks before your flight at least. Banks always have stocks for USD - have to convert PHP-USD-SGD and I find it low if I do it that way.

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