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Secret Nature Creamy Lipstick

Let me introduce my new moisturizing lipsticks from the a newly discovered brand Secret Nature

It comes in 5 vivid shades:
01 Juicy Grapefruit
02 Pomegranate
03 Pink Muhly
04 Peachy Peach
05 Autumn Leaves
It's a 5.5g lipstick with a creamy melting texture plus it gives that full lip look! if you're looking for a lipstick that can cover your lip lines, I recommend these Secret Nature Creamy Lipsticks.

From top to bottom:01 Juicy Grapefruit
; 02 Pomegranate; 
03 Pink Muhly; 
04 Peachy Peach; 
05 Autumn Leaves
Most ingredients comes from nature and to mentioned that it also contains Jeju Herb Complex which helps in moisturizing the lips.

Where to buy: hicharis.net/glendabelleshop/g5K

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