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Nacific Fresh Herb Cleansing Oil REVIEW

I'm someone who double cleanses at night - ALWAYS and cleansing oils/balms is my must have - it's good for the skin and lasts for months.
It comes in a transparent white pump bottle and a pump lock for travel. I often use 2-3 pumps enough to remove my everyday face makeup.
Texture + Application:
I can't help but to compare it to my old cleansing oil - Nacific cleansing oil consistency is like thin runny water. Must be careful when pumping to dry hands or it may spill out.

I often rub it with my both hands to heat them up then massage to face. Then emulsify with water by either washing face with water or using a wet towel to remove the cleansing oil. It cleanses really well and even removed my waterproof lipstick!
Face feels clean, moisturized and smells jasmine! No breakouts for more than 4 weeks of using it. Nacific always has great oil ingredients and for this cleansing oil:
  • Jojoba seed oil - it helps in balancing the skin's oil and water level and helps in fighting skin blemishes
  • Olive oil - it clarifies and moisturizes the skin
  • Camellia oil - a rich in a fatty acid ingredient - nongreasy
I recommend to everyone who loves hydrating oil cleanser.

Where to buy:
It's locally available via online shops here in the Philippines & price varies around 700-900 pesos ⠀

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