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A. Stop Clear Toner Review

I'm someone who forgot to take care of my back coz it's something I can't see as often as my face.
Sharing this toner now not only for the face but also for the body! Did I mention I have bacne since high school?
 I've read positive reviews about this toner and it's called A. Stop Clear Toner created for acne prone skin. It contains  AHA to exfoliate the skin and Propolis extract to soothe the skin.
The product claims that based on their test 80% of the comedone numbers decreased, 90% provides a soothing effect and absolutely no irritation.

What I didn't expect about it was - it doesn't come in a box. All Korean products that I have come in a box but I'm not worried since it was sealed and no leaks at all when it arrived.

Blue bottle, clear toner. The spray nozzle dispersed wide enough to cover my parts off my back. Packaging details are in Korean.

it also affects the reddish skin area and pimples immediately and got an antibacterial effect. I personally like the fresh scent of this toner.

Here's the 2-week progress of my back acne. I realized that those small bumps got lessened as well.
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