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JUMISO - Yes, I Am Toner

I received this from Jumiso as part of the Vitaminers Program. It comes with their Vitamin serum, sheet mask.

  • AHA Ingredients - that's the Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid - known to remove dead skin cells and refine skin texture
  • Panthenol and Lemon Myrtle play as boosters that help maintain the water-oil balance of the skin
This toner is lightweight. Light fragrance.
Best for people who look for alcohol-free toners.
I'm using it with cotton pads since this is a runny type. This type of toner can be drying a bit because of the AHA. It's not something I prefer for layering - since it contains acids. 1 layer of acid type toner is enough for me as I have combi-dry skin.

Yesterday I have this pimple coming from the center of my lip cupid(scared with this one because it hurts and might grow really big) and below the lips, growth didn't proceed today!
I like how to help my pimple stop from growing - so on more acne scars and redness! For my pores, I still have the clogged pores especially around my nose area - I probably need a deep exfoliation here. It makes the skin glowy than without any applied toner at all. I like it!
It's available locally in the Philippines at @gobloomandglow and if you're outside the Philippines, check out @stylekorean_global

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