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Adraneda Dermatology Clinic

If you're visiting a dermatologist, you probably consider the package prices plus the feedback of the clinic itself. Of course, they will touch your precious skin and will take over some procedures as well. During the reopening of the Adraneda Dermatology and Surgery Clinic, I've checked their packages and I'm really surprised that it was cheaper than well-known clinics in the market performing such treatments. I have a photo of their current package (I think it was not the full list of treatment they offer) below.
Before they are located in San Roque Marikina City and they recently moved to a better location: 2nd flr. IL Centro Bldg. Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Marcos Highway, Cainta Rizal

I'll be sharing some photos first during the event:
During the Ribbon Cutting

Photo with Dra. Miriam Adraneda

I have uploaded a clip of my facial treatment called Carbon Laser Facial which Doc Miriam recommends if my concern is aging, oiliness, and pores.

Carbon laser facial claims with the following benefits:
  • Lessens oiliness
  • Prevents pimples
  • Tightens pores
  • Lightens melasma, acne marks & other pigmentations
  • Boosts collagen productions
  • Helps minimize fine lines
  • Gives skin a glowing look

After one session, my face feels smooth and my pores were not visible than it was before that treatment.

Adraneda offers a free consultation, feel free to send them a message via:
☎️ 899-3697
🌐 www.adranedadermatology.com

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