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Reusable Cotton Rounds/Pads

Reusable cotton rounds or pads? Are you into this?

I have shared this photo over my Instagram Account and I got several questions about how to use it and could it be possible to replace the disposable cotton.

I'm do not claim myself as an eco-warrior but still, I want to help the environment in my own way. I like the thought of using these washable cotton rounds that I can use for acids and makeup removers.

I got 2 types:
Cotton Fleece - fleece of course1
Terry - this has a towel like texture
When I bought mine, I also placed an order for some cable organizer and a reusable napkin. Same with the cotton rounds, I have no idea if the reusable napkin can work for me. Buying these won't mean I will never buy normal disposable cotton ball/pads again - of course, think about for nail polish removal should still use the disposable ones.

Would this reusable cotton rounds absorb much product?

Before I bought it, I'm thinking of how much product it may absorb, probably more than disposable cotton? - anyway, I prefer to splat toners directly to the face rather than using a pad.
  • used with Makeup Remover 
When I first use it with my makeup remover - currently using the Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser, I'm amazed that it doesn't sink into the material immediately I think the reason behind it was Althea Serum Cleanser was a bit thick to be absorbed than normal runny types of makeup remover.

Terry material adheres the liquid makeup remover faster than the fleece. However, I like the feeling of Terry when I rub it on my face, it's like a smooth towel that exfoliates the face as well.

Here's my before and after photo of removing light makeup. I only have eyeshadow, concealer and tint.

  • Acids Applicator
For Acids, I would prefer to use the Fleece material since this one got a smoother side which is recommended whenever I use my acids. I'm using Cosrx BHA and AHA.
  • Toners 
I used to apply my toners directly to face, but if the consistency was runny, I use cotton pads both material work for runny consistency.

Was it expensive?

I found a good buy at Shopee - it's a 25 pcs for Php 260 / $ 4.7 and I got an additional 5 pcs to cover seller's wrong design as what I requested. I've made my computations for a year supply of cotton pads I think I saved a lot more for reusable ones.

For daily use, I'm using up to 2-3 rounds 1 for acids/toner and 1-2 for makeup removers.
My first wash before using the reusable cotton rounds

What could be challenging about using reusable cotton rounds?

This is what I could think of right now: Washing
I ordered 25 pieces so it can cover at least my 1-week application of my skin care. I should not forget to wash them if ever I already have few rounds left. I've read online that it can be washed together with your delicates on the washing machine but I prefer to have it hand washed with a liquid detergent or a mild soap. Hand washing does not completely remove all makeup stain - like lipsticks unless I have it scrubbed - challenging thing because these are small, and it might be harder if I wait for my 1 week before I wash them off, also scrubbing may cause damage to the edge stitch.

I think I can overcome the challenging part of washing them. I like the feeling of using the reusable cotton rounds. I'm going to try this for several months, let's see if I can make to a permanent switch!

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  1. Gumagamit din po ako ng ganyan Ms.Glenda breastpads nung malakas pa ung milk ko. Gumagamit din po ako ng cloth pads sa menstruation ko po.😊