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Philippines Post Office Shipping Rates 2019 - Package from Rizal

I have ordered shoes from Adidas Online store and I requested a refund because of the size problem. The only method to have it returned is via the local post office.

The process is easy, but I just find it hassle on my part - going to the post office itself during weekdays and currently relocated in Lores. Years ago it was just in the city proper near the Cathedral.

I visit our local post office in Antipolo, Rizal. The postmaster lady was very helpful, I wished I got her name. She asked me to wrap the shoe box with plastic and cover it with packaging tape.
She weight the box which is not more than 1000 grams going to inter-land - Metro Manila - Rationalized Registered Rate (Ordinary Mail is for documents only) - I only paid Php 107

I asked the postmaster as well if I can take a photo of the current rate sheet she used for local and international packages and ordinary mail. Sharing these rates if you need the latest as of writing for Philippines post office shipping rates.

I have a current issue with the PHLPost Tracking. I tried to track in on their website but it doesn't appear to be a valid reference number. Have to check this one with PHLPost first
I'll keep you updated!

Update: I received no update yet from PHLPost Twitter however Adidas PH already responded to my concern and acknowledged that they already received the package and process my refund. Not sure what's the easiest way to contact PHLPost :( or how to track the local parcels via their site.


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