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Package Korea I love myself Makeup Boosting Mask

This mask contains Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration and AHA Complex to gently exfoliate for softer and smoother looking skin. Can be used with or without makeup that's why I used it tonight after my toner.

Claims: Free of Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Fragrance. Safe for sensitive skin.

I have tried other variant before from this brand - I first saw it on Althea Korea site and I'm expecting a message on the mask itself but it doesn't display for this certain mask. Would it be possible it was diluted too long? I'm not sure.

When I opened the packaging, the mask sheet was so soft and unfolding was a difficult thing for me, I had to do it carefully to avoid ripping it.

The fit is fine, it has many cuts I personally think many face shapes can use this certain mask. The essence was not drippy and the mask was still soaked even after 30 mins of using it. It also has a cooling effect while using the mask and made my skin well hydrated, plump, reduced redness on my cheek area.

What I don't like:
- No "I love myself, I am more than beautiful." Text on the sheet mask
- Unfolding - but this is just me for very thin material sheet masks.

By the way, this mask was provided by RRKoreanshop of Instagram.

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