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16Brand Sixteen Brickit Shadow Hit10 Choco

I recently got a new palette from Sixteen Brand which was available before from Althea Korea.
It comes in a bar of chocolate like packaging and the shade names sound so yummy! Think of Sweet Latte and Melting Ganache~
The material of the packaging can be very delicate so taking good care of the palette is a must

How to use:
  • Use the wide brush to apply the base colors to the entirely of the lids
  • Use the narrow brush to apply the point colors for a gradation effect or on the corners or eye line for a dramatic effect
Here's a swatch using the wide applicator with 1 swipe only
Don't expect much from my eye makeup >.< I'm not a pro on this but I still like using eyeshadow~ 

Here's how it looked like on my eyes. I tried my best to blend it using the applicator that comes with it.
Overall I like this palette especially the color selection. I feel like all the shades are something I can every day. Have to practice more with applying eyeshadow~ :)

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