Jun 9, 2019


Share the joy and value of reading to thousands of children nationwide through The SM Store‘s #ShareMovement Donate-A-Book project.
Books help shape a child’s imagination and creative mind. Books are also powerful tools to fight poverty and inspire young minds to dream big and become young achievers. This is because books are like manuals of life- they lead us to a future filled with confidence and fortitude.
Through The SM Store’s #ShareMovement- the official umbrella campaign of The SM Store Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) chain- Donate-a-Book project, shoppers and customers can now have the chance to donate new books, pre-loved books and brand new school supplies from May 20- July 7, 2019.
In this joint project of The SM Store and SM Stationery, booths have been set up in all The SM Store branches nationwide where customers can drop their donations and share the gift of reading to the less fortunate.
Each donation entitles a customer with a Php 50 discount coupon which can be redeemed for every minimum Php 500 single-receipt purchase on regular-priced items from the SM Stationery section at
The SM Store. Coupons are valid from May 20, 2019- July 8, 2020.
Drop by the nearest Donate-a-Book booth now located in all The SM Store branches nationwide and share your love for books to those who need them most.
Donate-A-Book is one of the ways The SM Store and its customers work together to do their share for the less fortunate. Other upcoming #ShareMovement projects include: Share Your Extras, Gamot Para Sa Kapwa and Share-A-Toy.
May 31, 2019

Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream

Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream
Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream
Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream is formulated to help sensitive skin. Product claims that it can help in skin Clarifying, Lifting, Relaxing, Moisturizing

MADECASSOSIDE is an active ingredient that has an anti-redness & anti-scaling effect. It gives a smooth feeling to the skin. It also reduces the itching sensation to the skin. It does repair skin damage and dehydration from aggressive external conditions
Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream
 Madecassoside is a component of Centella extract, known for its soothing and repairing properties. Even sensitive skin types can use it without concerns, absolutely chemical free and this Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream contains 58% Tiger Leaf Extract - Centella extract. The cream can also be used for eyes, neck and for areas that need moisture.
Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream
 Available in 2 sizes: 30ml and 50ml ♡Works in improving dry and dull skin - instant moisture and brightening
Charis Madecassoside Cica Cream
 ♡Anti Wrinkle
♡Prevents breakout as it kicks out my pimples fast
♡Best to partner when I use a stripping cleanser or after exfoliating
♡It does take a bit longer to absorb but very moisturizing

Get yours here:
♡ hicharis.net/glendabelleshop/ecP

Aquaria Water Park Batangas + Rates!

This post and rates are as of June 2019. All rates may change without prior notice. Feel free to contact Aquaria directly for confirmation.

Here are the day tour rates effective March – June 2019:
• Php 600/ADULT on WEEKDAY and Php 800/ADULT on WEEKEND/HOLIDAY • Php 300/CHILD on WEEKDAY and Php 400/CHILD on WEEKEND/HOLIDAY Here are the day tour rates effective January, February, July-December 2019: • Php 400/ADULT on WEEKDAY and Php 600/ADULT on WEEKEND/HOLIDAY • Php 200/CHILD on WEEKDAY and Php 300/CHILD on WEEKEND/HOLIDAY
WALK-INS FOR GROUP OF 10 PERSONS AND BELOW. CABANA RATES (FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS), please see rates below: • Cove Pool Cabana Medium (8-10 persons)- Php 1,500 • Resort Pool Cabana Large(12-15 persons)- Php 2,000 • Beach Front Cabana (8 pax) – Php 1,200 • Boardwalk Cabana – Php 1,800.00(10-12 pax) • Set of Table (4 pax) – Php 200.00

Operating hours are from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday to Sunday except for Tuesdays as they are closed for maintenance.

Bringing in of food and drinks is prohibited, as Aquaria have their own restaurant inside the property.
Should you wish to bring in your own food and drink, a corkage fee of Php 200 per head will apply.
Parking is for free. Locker rental is Php 150 whole day.
Water Sports activities offered: • Single Kayak (1 hour ) – 250.00 • Double Kayak (1 hour) – 400.00 • Jetski (1 hour) – 3,500.00 • Soccer Ball – 50.00 • Banana Boat (15 mins) – 1,500.00 • Beach Volleyball (1 hour) – 50.00 • Aqua glide 1,500.00/15 mins/max of 4 pax • Pedal Boat 1,000.00/hr/max of 6 pax • Island Hopping – Php 1,200.00/person (min of 3 Island)
Map looks like the place is big but it's not yet all finished. Some parts of the resort are still in progress

 This is the cottage we rent. The nearby beach and the slide pool.



Contact Number for reservations: 553-8888
May 28, 2019

Mustus Ampoule, Gel Cream, and Gauze Peeling Pad

Sharing my favorite skincare line that helped me a lot to achieve the glowing skin after and even during my summer vacation: Mustus Chlo Set: Ampoule, Gel Cream, and Gauze Peeling Pad

- the set is formulated with Chlorophyll enriched Parsley Extract which helps in trouble-prone skin and also works as an antioxidant - also the reason behind the green color. Sometimes I mixed it with the Chlo Gel Cream so I can save time in my skin care routine.

Chlo Gauze Peeling Pad
- contains PHA which is recommended for sensitive skin- and more gentle than AHA and BHA, the pad has 2 side⠀⠀

Chlo Gel Cream
- This is a watery gel type of cream that gives that moisture and healthy looking skin. Main ingredients of this cream are Parsley Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Tea Tree, PHA, Papaya Extract and Sepicontrol A5 (Cinnamon bark) Sepicontrol A5 is new for me so I check to know more about this Cinnamon ingredient - it does help in sebum reduction and lesser acne and comedones. and a lot of beneficial properties!

Where to buy the CHLO AMPOULE / GEL CREAM/ GAUZE PEELING PAD: hicharis.net/glendabelleshop/e1l
May 16, 2019

Althea A'bloom Masks, Meringue and BHA Blackhead Blaster

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to share not just one but several new items from A'bloom Collection of Althea. They have sent me a whole set of the A'bloom collection to try and I even ordered for my personal use. I was able to use my personal purchased orders since the PR kit arrived several days after.

Althea A'bloom Fruit Sheet Masks - Php 20 each

The most colorful items from this collection. It only cost Php 20 per mask but what's surprising about it was it doesn't look cheap - even after using the mask. The packaging is lively and funky. The Sheet itself was well drenched - its a 25g - that's a generous amount of essence for masks.
It comes in 4 variants:
Avo-Cuddle-Me ~ Nourishing

AC-Me-Peach ~ Anti-Blemish
Sparkle-Me-Bright ~ Brightening
Water-Me-Long ~ Moisturizing
The masks are thin and I find all the essence moisturizing. The scent differs depending on the variant. I often use my mask for 30 mins and did give my skin a dewy look.

Althea A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff  - Php 100 and Baby Meringue Puff - Php 140

Part of the collection are these meringue puffs. They do look like icings on cupcakes - really cute!
The Giant Meringue puff is best for applying foundations and Baby meringue puff for concealers or part of your makeup travel kit - just slide into a sealed plastic and ready to go. 

These makeup puff sponge does enlarge when soak wet. It can also be used wet or dry depending on your preference. I prefer to use them damp since I have a dry skin and I feel like makeup adheres better with a damp sponge.

Althea A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster - Php 200

Blackhead out without the ouch
No pain blackhead and whitehead removal with Natural BHA Stick
Gentle and non-irritating formula treats and prevents new ones from forming
Recommended for Oily and combination skin types

It works well in exfoliating and it's gentle on the skin. It does remove my most of my whiteheads but not all probably because I still have closed comedones and pores are not open enough - it's better to use a warm towel to open up pores before using the BHA Blackhead Blaster. I highly recommend trying it if you want to skip the extractor, scrubs and those tough facials.
I'm pretty sure to look forward for Althea's new release in the future! Their A'bloom brand is a blast! Currently most of the masks are out of stock!

Check now the Althea A'bloom Collection here
You can also get 20% off on your first order from Althea!

May 7, 2019

#SummerVacay Style at Surplus

As the temperature continues to rise, it’s time to grab your favorite sunscreens and welcome summertime in style. And wherever you plan your #SummerVacay – a beach getaway, camping in the great outdoors, a lakeside adventure, or simply enjoying summer in the city, Surplus is your go-to shop for fun and trendy fashion.
 Don’t forget to check out Surplus’ summer essentials to complete your travel needs. From cute slippers and shoes, pretty scarves, statement making hats to colorful towels, water tumblers, portable fans, functional flashlight, and solar lights.
  Get beyond excited with the trendy and fun summer fashion collection and other versatile items at Surplus located in most SM Supermalls. Items may vary per branch.

            Get to know more about the fashion picks of Surplus’ latest ambassadors Paulo Angeles, Charlie Dizon, Kyle Echarri and AC Bonifacio and stay updated as Surplus goes interactive. Like them on Facebook and Twitter at SurplusPH and enjoy great fashion deals on Instagram at Surplus_ph.

Stylish Summer Stories with Parisian Shoes

SM’s iconic in-house brand Parisian, celebrates summer with great style and great stories as it launches its Summer Collection.
 Whether you’re headed for the beach, a weekend getaway, or simply enjoying summer in the city, the collection makes a statement with animal-printed shoes and even PVC-details. 
 There are also espadrilles for those casual days and pointed mules for a night out. Parisian’s summer palette makes a splash with neutral tones and vibrant colors; and walks high with elegant stilettos and chic blocked heels.
Whatever your summer story may be, Parisian definitely has the perfect pair you.

Parisian Shoes’ Summer Collection is available at all SM Stores branches nationwide. Get connected with Parisian through Parisian Shoes and Bags on Facebook and @SMParisian on Twitter and Instagram.

Apr 26, 2019

THE ORDINARY Squalane Cleanser Review

I bought this cleanser when I saw that it removes makeup + gentle on skin + it's from my favorite Western brand: The Ordinary. Ingredients wise, Squalane is the first from the list. Squalane is a great moisture ingredient and works like a hydrator that’s found naturally in the skin, helping to prevent loss of moisture and boost suppleness. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀
I have used this cleanser to remove my full makeup, so I didn't use any makeup remover, just the cleanser. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

Rub the cleanser in your palms to warm it until it melts into an oil. Massage into dry skin, then rinse with warm water.
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀
So this cream cleanser works like a cleansing oil but in a non-foaming cream form! It removed my <waterproof> mascara and eyeliner without stinging my eyes. For my waterproof lipstick - it does leave like 10% on the edge and lip lines, some lipsticks and lip stains got all wiped.

I feel like I can just bring this on travels and forget the baggy micellar water, oil-based makeup removers, cleansing balms, and cleansing oils. No tight feeling, no stripping just clean, soft and hydrated. If you prefer cleansers that give the squeaky clean, you can skip this one.
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀
Downside maybe is the availability and the size.
You have to find resellers online or if you have relatives/friends coming from US/Canada/Korea. 
50ml is okay but I look forward to a bigger size because I'll surely repurchase this! If I'll use it every day, I might run out easily. My perfect cleanser + makeup remover in one!
A lot of users already requesting for a bigger tube, just hoping Deciem will do something about it <3
Apr 25, 2019

O TWO O Liquid Blush in Shade 5 and 6 Review

 My recent blush purchase is this liquid blush from O Two O. I got them from Shopee for like only Php 140 each or around USD 2.6 - surprisingly cheap than liquid blush in the market. It's manufactured in Guangzhou, China so my order took almost 3 weeks to arrive.

The packaging comes in a frosted glass bottle, plastic cap, and pump. The packaging looks expensive and classy. Shades can be found at the bottom of the bottle and I purchase shades 5 and 6.
 O two O liquid blush's pump dispenser was kinda off for me - I had to be very careful not to over pump or else might waste the content. I'm saying this because it's tinted and a pea size can be enough for both apples of the cheek.

 Ingredients on the box:
 Here's a controlled pump of the blush - like half pump, then check out the next photo when mixed.
Left: Shade 5
Right: Shade 6
See how pigmented was this liquid blush!
Left: Shade 5
Right: Shade 6
This is how it looked like on my cheeks when applied. This is how I normally apply blush, colors don't pop out much since I used just a few swipes on my cheeks but definitely gives that peach pink blush on my face. 

I like both shades but preferred shade 6. #5 - rose gold with golden flecks (not glitters) while #6 - coral shade. It easily to spread with brush, sponge, and fingers. It could last me up to 3 hours as it does transfer in our humid country.

 What I don't like about it is the pump - its something difficult to control, dispense of liquid blush can be challenging so I just preferred to apply it from my hand instead of direct to the cheeks. I applied to cover big cheek area so my phone can capture better color. It's only available online. Not for people who are not into cosmetics with parabens.
It's cheap liquid blush, I might consider getting other shades. Did I break out? Glad it did not!

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