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Glossier Experience via Jinio Courier Review

I've been wanting to try Glossier for some time already, but when I checked their site they're currently not shipping to the Philippines and my only chance to get them if not by online resellers is through forwarders.

I decided to try this site called Jinio. Jinio provides forwarding services allowing you to shop from U.S. stores using your own personal mailbox. From the store to your door. It provides a US address upon account creation and users should have it verified by sending two valid ids and filling up the USPS Form 1583. My address was located in Stamford, Connecticut.

What is USPS Form 1538?
Anyone who wants to rent a PO box, or postal mailbox, in the United States must fill out Form 1583. This form often looks confusing the first time you see it. This article helps you understand what USPS Form 1583 is for and how to fill it out properly for your mail forwarding service or PO box rental.

Why USPS Form 1583 Is Needed?
In the United States, the U.S. Postal Service regulates how mail can be received and handled. USPS also dictates required procedures for commercial mail receiving agents (CMRAs) like Xend USA, LLC to follow. USPS Form 1583 authorizes a CMRA to receive mail on the customer’s behalf. The completed form is required before anyone can give you a mailbox.

I decided to go for Jinio for my 1st purchase via forwarder because they offer Minify which means that courier discards excess non-protective packaging from purchases before weighing and measuring to help you save up to 80% in shipping costs. I saw from the site that it's a partner of Xend Express which I know because I used to ship using this courier locally and for my other online purchases too.
I ordered 2 items from Glossier:
  1. Rose Balm Dotcom - $12 / ₱637
  2. Storm Cloud Paint $18 / ₱955
Glossier to my Jinio Stamford, CT Address:
November 25, 2018, Sun - Glossier shipping is free within the US and they have a discount that time so I only paid a total of $26.34 / ₱1398 for the two items.
November 29, 2018, Thu - Shipped out and Accepted at USPS Origin Facility North Brunswick, NJ
November 30, 2018, Fri - Arrived at USPS Regional Facility Stamford ct distribution center
December 03, 2018, Mon - Delivered around 12PM lunch, Left with Individual Stamford, CT

Jinio PH to my Home Address:
December 04, 2018, Tue - I got an alert from Jinio site of having a for payment item which was the one I ordered from Glossier website. I paid it right away and was confirmed the same day. It was still in Stamford by December 4.
December 19, 2018, Wed - It took 11 business days before it arrived in the Philippines - can probably earlier because this is the time they have it shipped out to my home address. As per tracking, the electronic shipping info was just created this day.
December 20, 2018, Thu - I got the package after 1 day.

What are Jinio’s rates?
  • Non Electronics: US $5.99/lb + optional US $0.75/lb for delivery nationwide.
  • Electronics/Valuable/Oversized Cargo: US $8.49/lb + US $0.75/lb for delivery nationwide. All pluggable electrical devices are considered electronics.
  • An additional flat rate Customs Duties may apply to valuables (designer bags, etc.), Electronic items, i.e. Mobile phones, laptops, iPads.
Jinio rates page

My total discounted fee was $5.54 / ₱294
This covers the shipping fee from Stamford, Connecticut to our doorstep PH address. Already discounted because of a credit card promo.

The $0.75 charge is optional if I would like to have it delivered to my doorstep, if I would not have it additional, I would need to pick up my items from the Mandaluyong office of Jinio. I have a provincial address so this would be a hassle for my side. Might okay if you're residing near their office.

340 Dr. Jose Fernandez Street
Barangay Mauway, Mandaluyong City

I mentioned the minify form the beginning of this post and you can see below that from 1.73 lbs, it's down to 0.45 lbs because they removed the box and probably other stuffers/foam/bubble wrap? But don't worry, mine was still in the Glossier pink envelope bubblewrap. I got it safe!

Overall, I like this experience with Jinio and Glossier. It didn't disappoint me in terms of waiting time considering it's December already. Shipment charge of Jinio is fair enough especially for small non-electronic items like makeup. Comparing the rate to other courier forwarders like My Shopping Box (haven't tried them yet), they have same per lbs charge.

Here's the opened package of Glossier placed inside the USPS safety envelope:
 I got a sample, stickers and my ordered items!

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