Dec 4, 2018

Design your Life 2019 Planner by C&S Designs

It's the end of the year for 2018! I'm not sure if you'll be interested with planners, but here I am sharing my planning for 2019. This is the Design your Life Planner by C&S Designs

I got it for P650 + shipping fee
You'll see when you scroll down what can you receive from this planner.

If you're interested to purchase, you can comment or email me your full name and email to be used for creating an account on their website and we both get P50 that you can use for your 1st  purchasešŸ˜„.

I first saw it from, really amazed how cute it was a design too! It's unique and colorful!

I'll be sharing what you can see on the following pages. I even write down some stuff I need to monitor by 2019, so I already wrote down some of it here on the Listers gonna list page.
The hardware comes in gold yellow!
The planner itself comes with note cards, Paper rules, mini calendar and stickers
The got this colorful emoji, holidays, expressions and symbols.
It has an inner pocket that can be used for receipts, tickets, photos etc.
The Design your Life 2019 planner also comes with page tabs:

  • Goals
  • Events
  • Lists
  • Last Time Monthlies
  • Cash Flow
  • Key
  • Planner
  • Travel
  • Notes

A note from Paul Rand about design.
THE KEYS - forgetful of passwords? Maybe you can use clues here instead :p
The monthly planner pages.
Here's for January
Monthly View
Dailies - perfect for bujo planning!
This one is for March! they have different themes per month <3
love this birth month theme sakura!
This is for July
For May
For October
For December
If you have travel checklist and planned travels
additional notes page at the end of the planner
2020 events
cards and calendar

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