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Amazon Japan to Philippines Haul Experience + Cleansui Feature

I honestly love online shopping it's like a gift to my self from my self. If you're a reader of this blog you probably saw my experience buying from various sites, local and international.
This time I'll share my experience with Amazon Japan.

To give you a little context of this transaction, I placed my order end week of November, I'm worried at first that it might take more than a month since it's holiday season already.

Order placed last November 26, 2018, Monday
starts at November 30, 2018, Friday my item left Tokyo by this day -  It's in transit during weekends and ongoing clearance as well
December 4, Tuesday - my order got delivered at my doorstep. No additional fees. No post office pick up. No hassle with customs. <3

I got myself a Danbo Toy - this is small and already arranged.

And a Cleansui Mono MD101-NC Water filter. I also included a replacement filter.
This is something that can be plugged into our kitchen faucet. It works by filtering the tap water and honestly, I really recommend this filter, Our water just tastes even better. We no longer need to wait for drinkable water delivery, it's been a hassle for us since we're 4 in the household, and its a struggle especially during holidays, when we have visitors, when its weekend coz no delivery.
This is how it looked like when attached to our faucet. Lovely!
Glad to found it on Amazon Japan.
Let's go back to the site experience. Let's talk about the shipping fees.
For the 3 items, I spent for shipping: ¥ 1,506 or Php 704
Current conversion: ¥1= Php 0.47

Some might even say that its too expensive for a courier fee! I'd rather check it here locally. For that amount, I can already buy 3 roasted chicken. lol!

Okay, so let's check if we buy here locally! I found one from Rustans - Php 5,580

and the Amazon Japan Price ¥5,435 or Php 2543
We can see the difference here. If I'll be getting the Filter and Replacement only my shipping fee will only cost Php 667. Its only Php 3210 - So still a good buy for this filter when bought in Amazon Japan.

My final thoughts:
I recommend buying from Amazon Japan if you're looking for brands made in Japan. It's cheaper there. Shipping costs might be a lot but comparing the price for this particular item that I bought, still cheap than buying here in the Philippines local market. I should have bought other light items from Amazon probably some small beauty items. :p


  1. Hi! Did you need to claim your package at the customs office?

    1. Hi Kath,
      No, there's a courier that delivered my item directly at my door step. No additional fees.