Nov 27, 2018

OMG Oh My Girl Hair Color Cream in Dark Copper Review

While doing my normal grocery, I found these new products from OMG. OMG is a nail polish brand from the Philippines. Now, OMG offers more salon products such as these hair color cream and the Brazilian keratin serum.

  • Hair Color Cream Php 129.75
  • Brazilian Keratin Serum is Php 29.75 for 5pcs
Since I'm going to color my hair, I'm expecting to get a dry hair so I decided to get this Brazilian serum. The Serum has a full size, but I realized to try it first before purchasing the full size.

What's inside the packaging of OMG Hair Color Cream
  • Gloves
  • Cream
  • Developer
  • Treatment
Before we start, I want to share my current hair color. It's dark brown but faded rusty color. So I'm planning to have it evened out and keep it low key.

Well, the gloves looked big for me.

Once developed, the mixture looked like this

The final look! So this is how the Dark Copper turns out for my hair. I have mixed feelings about the shade. It looks redder especially when the sun hit it. My mom and bf actually liked it but as I mentioned I like to even out the hair color and keep it low key. Red hair catches most attention especially if I'll be at the office LOL!
  • I don't like that it looks more red-brown for me, but some people might like this certain shade. It's affordable for only Php 130~
  • Hair feels soft and it's not even drying because of the treatment it goes with the packaging too.
  • Ammonia smell from this coloring is not that strong which was a plus for me.
  • It doesn't irritate my scalp during the application as well. 
I would recommend it when you're planning to get a new hair color and on a tight budget. Results of the color would always vary depending on your hair condition :)
I recommend if you're planning to get a new hair color anytime soon but results of the color would always vary depending on your hair condition :)
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