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Glowhill Glam Gold Make Up Facial Mask Review

Love glitters? Check out Glowhill beauty's glam glow makeup facial mask.
It's a mask that can be used as a makeup base if you prefer glossy makeup, I remembered some YT vloggers use serums with pearls to have a healthy canvass, I think this is similar to those serums, just in the form of face masks - that's how I understand how to use it.

It helps the skin look more healthy and dazzling because it contains a gold pearl.
To be used during the morning or prior to makeup application.
The sheet mask is made up of tencel material which is smoother than cotton and wool. The mask also contains 20 ml of the glittery essence.
I have used it for 20 minutes. And have to wait for another 20 minutes to let it set more, my cushion absorbs most of the pearls (which I don't like, id rather keep them on my face that's why I use the mask😅). I end up using my fingers to apply a little of concealer instead of my cushion

I looked really glowy after removing the face mask. The essence in mostly gold color makes my faces looks more on the yellow side but my concealer can balance. Skin tends to oil up a lot whenever I'm staying outdoors. Things go well when I came back indoors with AC, my skin doesn't look dry anymore.

I recommend using this mask if you would prefer to have a glossy dewy look and not bothered with the glitter pearls. It's best to use before applying dewy look makeup.

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