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Faith in Face - I am always bright Sheet Mask

 This mask from Faith in Face is a pearl cellulose sheet mask - thinner than the most cotton sheet mask and adheres very well to skin.
 Main Ingredients:
Niacinamide; Marlow leaves; cow-slip and other herbal extracts complex
 However, the downside maybe is that the essence was so runny like water and it drips to my shirt when applying the mask~
you might know the feeling of saving the essence for your skin during applying face mask!
Another thing even it adheres fine, it dries saggy for lip and cheek area - check my photo wearing the mask, but that's about it.
▪️Moisturises? - yes, it does!
▪️Brightening effect? Yes!
▪️Soothes my skin redness? Absolutely!
▪️Gentle to skin - Yes for me and not irritations after use :D

This could be the cheapest Cellulose Sheet Mask I found so far. If you're in the Philippines you can find @faithinfaceph Masks @watsonsph 😊

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