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Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway

Althea Korea just released their newest product from the petal velvet line: Petal Velvet Sunaway!

It's a 55ml lightweight sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays with a petal-like finish, it has an SPF of 50+ and PA++++!
Product Details:
Shield your skin from the sun's rays and give it some petal protection with Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway! Ultra lightweight, this invisible sunscreen is formulated with Damask rose extracts, ensuring that your skin stays fresh and hydrated throughout the day without any streakiness or a white cast. It has an SPF of 50+ and PA++++, so your skin will be kept protected all day.

As part of the Petal Velvet line, it also contains micro-powder particles that give you a smooth, petal-like complexion.
Or, pair it with your choice of Petal Velvet Powder and get 10% off the petal duo!
  • Damask rose extract - Deeply hydrating and soothes irritations, leaving the skin feeling healthy 
  • Geranium oil - Gives the skin a radiant boost and heals acne

Special launch offer:
✨Currently 10% off! (Now Php432!)
✨Pair with your choice of Petal Velvet Powder and get 20% off the petal duo!

Where to buy: https://ph.althea.kr/petal-velvet-sunaway

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