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Laziz Restaurant Antipolo

Laziz Restaurant Antipolo
Laziz Restaurant Antipolo 
I probably forgot the taste of Mediterranean Cuisine but when I got a chance to tried it out, Dang! I can really tell how the taste was different from other cuisines. I was invited to try Laziz in Antipolo, The only legit Arabic Mediterranean Place in Upper Antipolo.
They're Halal Certified and the Shawarma is same with Saudi Style. Their dips are perfect especially the hummus ✨

Faith in Face - I am always bright Sheet Mask

 This mask from Faith in Face is a pearl cellulose sheet mask - thinner than the most cotton sheet mask and adheres very well to skin.
 Main Ingredients:
Niacinamide; Marlow leaves; cow-slip and other herbal extracts complex
 However, the downside maybe is that the essence was so runny like water and it drips to my shirt when applying the mask~
you might know the feeling of saving the essence for your skin during applying face mask!
Another thing even it adheres fine, it dries saggy for lip and cheek area - check my photo wearing the mask, but that's about it.
▪️Moisturises? - yes, it does!
▪️Brightening effect? Yes!
▪️Soothes my skin redness? Absolutely!
▪️Gentle to skin - Yes for me and not irritations after use :D

This could be the cheapest Cellulose Sheet Mask I found so far. If you're in the Philippines you can find @faithinfaceph Masks @watsonsph 😊

Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway

Althea Korea just released their newest product from the petal velvet line: Petal Velvet Sunaway!

It's a 55ml lightweight sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays with a petal-like finish, it has an SPF of 50+ and PA++++!
Product Details:
Shield your skin from the sun's rays and give it some petal protection with Althea's Petal Velvet Sunaway! Ultra lightweight, this invisible sunscreen is formulated with Damask rose extracts, ensuring that your skin stays fresh and hydrated throughout the day without any streakiness or a white cast. It has an SPF of 50+ and PA++++, so your skin will be kept protected all day.

As part of the Petal Velvet line, it also contains micro-powder particles that give you a smooth, petal-like complexion.
Or, pair it with your choice of Petal Velvet Powder and get 10% off the petal duo!
  • Damask rose extract - Deeply hydrating and soothes irritations, leaving the skin feeling healthy 
  • Geranium oil - Gives the skin a radiant boost and heals acne

Special launch offer:
✨Currently 10% off! (Now Php432!)
✨Pair with your choice of Petal Velvet Powder and get 20% off the petal duo!

Where to buy: https://ph.althea.kr/petal-velvet-sunaway

Glowhill Glam Gold Make Up Facial Mask Review

Love glitters? Check out Glowhill beauty's glam glow makeup facial mask.
It's a mask that can be used as a makeup base if you prefer glossy makeup, I remembered some YT vloggers use serums with pearls to have a healthy canvass, I think this is similar to those serums, just in the form of face masks - that's how I understand how to use it.

It helps the skin look more healthy and dazzling because it contains a gold pearl.
To be used during the morning or prior to makeup application.
The sheet mask is made up of tencel material which is smoother than cotton and wool. The mask also contains 20 ml of the glittery essence.
I have used it for 20 minutes. And have to wait for another 20 minutes to let it set more, my cushion absorbs most of the pearls (which I don't like, id rather keep them on my face that's why I use the mask😅). I end up using my fingers to apply a little of concealer instead of my cushion

I looked really glowy after removing the face mask. The essence in mostly gold color makes my faces looks more on the yellow side but my concealer can balance. Skin tends to oil up a lot whenever I'm staying outdoors. Things go well when I came back indoors with AC, my skin doesn't look dry anymore.

I recommend using this mask if you would prefer to have a glossy dewy look and not bothered with the glitter pearls. It's best to use before applying dewy look makeup.

TMYS - Iconic Brightening Essence

I recently received a product from TMYS Thailand, it was their best seller essence: the Iconic Brightening Essence. TMYS is an indie brand from Thailand which offers gentle and efficient products, Vegan & Cruelty-Free, and offers worldwide shipping. For every purchase of TMYS products, $1 will be donated to UNICEF - The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) promotes better health, education, and quality of life. I can't read Thai so I do my best to use google translate.

Product Claims:
Essence formulated with fortified with the powerful brightening ingredients, Pure C, B3, and HA. It helps visibly correct skin tone, reduce dark spots and restore moisture balance.
TMYS is Vegan brand and the iconic brightening essence is free from Paraben, PEG, Silicone, Mineral oil, Petrolatum Phthalate, Mercury, Retinoic acid, Steroid, Hydroquinone, Synthetic colorant, Fragrance
If you have skin allergies, I recommend testing patch first as the essence contains Vitamin C which may cause irritation to some.
Taking a daylight photo to see how it does brighten the skin. I have combination to dry skin
Just be informed that since the product contained pure vitamin C, we have to be a little careful on how we store our skincare - should avoid direct sunlight that may cause oxidation.
It smells like a little of lime, not sure if some people might even notice it.
Price and where to buy: www.tmys.co.th - 1290 Baht
price may change without prior notice~
I also saw a note on their Instagram page that they offer a discount if interested buyers would send them a direct message! https://www.instagram.com/tmysthailand/

Ingredient analyzer from CosDNA:
The formulation feels a little bit grainy when I start to spread out to my face, I think it has to always shake it. I'm not sure if it was the dried essence from the dropper or it was the essence itself.
I like how easily my skin absorbed the essence but it feels heavier than my most essence.
I like that it brightens up the skin but I can't use it during the day, just because I prefer to use vitamin c essence during my PM Routine.

TMYS sent this product in exchange for my honest review


Feel the comfort of having a clean and confident hand every day with Caronia Hand Sanitizer!
With all your daily activities, your hands need protection that will keep them clean and moisturized all the time.
Loving watermelon and Green Tea! It dries easily and moisturizing too ☺️ sometimes I also use it as cologne ❤️
As hand washing is something you cannot do anywhere, Caronia Hand Sanitizer which kills 99.9% of germs can travel with you wherever you go with its 50ml handy spray bottle. Unlike the usual hand disinfectant, Caronia Hand Sanitizer is not sticky and can be easily absorbed by your skin keeping them clean and moisturized leaving a sensational fragrance on your hands.

Caronia Hand Sanitizer has four variants to choose from:
  • Green Tea – for an invigorating scent;
  • Lavender – for a relaxing fragrance;
  • Eucalyptus – for a soothing aroma;
  • Watermelon – for that sweet smell;
These are available on www.beautymnl.com/brands/caronia for only P33.00 and at the following stores nationwide: Unimart, Super 8, Metro Department Store, Makati Supermarket, Isetann, Ever, Cash & Carry, AllShoppe, Allday, LCC, CSI, Boramart, and Landmark.

Now, it is easy to keep them hands confident anytime, anywhere

Watsons BodyXpert Cute Lip and Cheek Tint Set

I'm checking out Christmas gift sets at Watsons. Here in the Philippines, Watsons offers high-quality and affordable Christmas gift sets for face, bath, and body. I found out these set for Php149 (buy any 3 gift sets for Php399; almost P50 or ~1 USD per tint)!
The set comes in 3 shades:
  1. Sunny Sparkle - coral shade
  2. Frosty Pink - red pink
  3. Candy Cane - red-orange
Directions mentioned to lightly dab the tint on lips and cheeks and blend evenly for a glowing look!
Here's the skin swatch:
L-R: Sunny Sparkle, Frosty Pink, Candy Cane
L-R: Sunny Sparkle, Frosty Pink, Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Sunny Sparkle
Sunny Sparkle
✨ Decent lip tints, worth it for 149
✨ 2.7ml content for each color
✨ Very hard to remove with micellar water makeup remover, oil remover, balm
✨ Bitter taste
✨ Have to carefully apply it might stain teeth and skin, applying too much might look too neon so apply light then build if needed.
✨ Recommended if you're looking for hard to remove lip tints, but consider exfoliating iif you have dry lips like mine.

My photo below for frosty pink and candy cane looks similar because I have applied candy cane first and it stained my lips already. I have to apply powder and concealer to give a little justice for frosty pink.

I think it's an affordable and nice gift for your BFFs this coming holidays. It might get out of stock as well very soon so better get a set one now :D

Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA++++

The Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA++++ is my current sun protection for the face. Torn what should I really call it if essence (because of the name), sunscreen because of the SPF or moisturizer?
Recommended if you prefer something lightweight, offers sun protection, absorbs easily, boosts skin moisture and from a vegan brand.

Details from Site:
The Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA++++ is an everyday sun protector for sensitive skin. As is it water-based, it holds a gel-type texture to give a soft weightless and light finish. Also with its high SPF and PA level, it completely guards the skin against UVA, UVB without leaving any greasiness or white cast.

About the Option
The Klairs Freshly Juiced Line is to brighten dull skin with the effect of the vitamin for sensitive skin. Apply Soft Aivy UV Essence after using this line to shield your skin from UV lights and enhance vitamin effects.
KLAIRS / 80ml / All Skin Types / Made in Korea

How to Use:
Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure and at the end of your skincare routine. Thoroughly apply to the skin.

More about the Soft Airy UV Essence
For all skin types, low irritant daily sun essence.
20 types of ingredients, no additives, all components EWG green level.
A perfect sunscreen made by Klairs for sensitive skin.
The absolute UV protection to choose, use and trust on your skin everyday.
A water-based sunscreen, that is non-sticky, light, and fresh.
With its soft, light and transparent finish the Soft Airy UV Essence protects the skin from UVA and UVB without any stickiness and white cast.
Absolute protection to UV rays, that your skin is exposed daily.
From face, body to hands, apply it anywhere with your concerns of photo-aging.
The texture and ingredients do block the pores, making it more convenient and comfortable to cleanse your skin.
By including high light stability components, high UV stability is achieved while minimizing skin irritation.

Recommended For
For those who want light, non sticky sunscreen
For those who do not like white cast
For those who have sensitive skin
For those who want to reapply sunscreen over the makeup
For those who do not like to apply sunscreen

Whenever I'm staying in AC: it doesn't feel greasy or sticky but its the reverse when I'm staying outdoors. It does not dry matte for me, but more of semi dewy moisturized skin. I have combination-dry skin btw and Klairs UV Essence works under my current foundation too.
Available on Wishtrend for $23 - Buy here