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SOME BY MI Miracle Toner Review

SOME BY MI Miracle Toner
You might notice the advertisement of this toner everywhere in SNS - the 30 days skin improvement of the brand's model - nice marketing because I really bought this from a friend XD

So after using this AM and PM as my current toner for 3 days, 3 pimples appeared and the biggest one is under my nose tip which is really painful (I have it shared on my IG stories btw) and my COSRX patches can't help it as well 😶

I'm still going to use it for a week straight and let's see what will happen after the weekend ❤️

5th-day Update: I decided to stop during my 4th day of using this until my pimples dry completely. It doesn't help with my pimples at the moment but I like how it makes the skin glow probably because of the Niacinamide ingredient.

〰️ I'm no longer interested to continue what doesn't work for me. It didn't give me what I'm expected from their advertisement and not willing to wait for 30days just to see the effect.

I'm not interested as well to try it longer to know whether I'm purging or breaking out, I just like to help out my skin to heal.
〰️ Think before joining their hype! Or at least try sample sizes first, we have PH shopee sellers offering sample size by the way 😏

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  1. I love your review. I hope you visit mine too. Thank you!:)