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LabNo Borage Seed Oil

My last step for my PM routine for the past rainy days wherein I need moisture the most - I'm adding oils again!.

Currently trying out this LabNo Borage Seed oil provided by @stylekorean_global for review.

Price: 29.96 USD at Style Korean Global
    Product purpose is to replenish moisture and nourishment in the skin and okay to mix with basic products such as lotion, essence, and cream.

Suggested Use:
After washing your face, put this oil 2-3 drops as the last step of your skincare in the morning and before bedtime. For better result, mix this oil with your lotion, essence, or cream.

Currently mixing and observing it with my other LabNo products
🌸 I noticed that it worked better when I mixed it with the serum and ampoule - producing a thick mixture and a tightening effect. Even tho this is an oil, it doesn't feel sticky all the way but may take some time to be fully absorbed into the skin. I use it during the night and by the next day, it just doesn't feel oily anymore.

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