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Glowhill Beauty Makes me Glow Aurora Whitehole Glow Mask

This was my second time using this glitter peel off face mask. I realized that it's better to apply it thinly and even but enough to cover the whole face.

You can from GLOWHILL WEBSITE: http://www.glowhill.com/
PRICE: 25,000원
Tightens as it dries
✨Absolutely not so painful compared to my peel off masks before that even my small facial hairs got pulled off
✨It dries longer than non glittered peel off face mask
✨no glitter residue after completely peeling off
I tried to take a photo for the ingredients and noticed some favorites:
Centella Asiatica, Chia Extracts, Houttuynia, several flower extracts such as Chamomile, daisy, magnolia, hyaluronic acid

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