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FarmOn 19th Cycle Aug 2018

August 2018, FarmOn opened their 19th Cycle and I have decided to pick up some crops and try again to invest my extra money. I have tried FarmOn way back 2016 and forgot to keep in track the cycle opening so this was my first farmon investment for 2018.

If you haven't heard of FarmOn it's a crowdfunding site for farming business in the selected locations in the Philippines. If you like to know more about FarmOn, please check on their website: https://www.farmon.ph.

I created this blog post to record how much can I earn from this cycle, Farmon didn't ask me to write this blog post for them, just sharing my experience for this cycle.
Php 12000 was my total bill and I still have Php 30 balance, so it was deducted from the total already. However, I think the amount column should be fixed because the website displayed that the Php 30 balance was deducted from every row of crop. (hope you fix this Farmon)

The updated total now was Php 11970 and paid on time. It took the FarmOn Support team - 10 days to respond and confirm my payment. They gave the notice to wait for the crops to be reflected on my account and Expect it before the start of real farming (October 01,2018).

I forgot to screenshot the duration of other crops I purchased, I'll try to update it once I got access already. FarmOn already closed the buying of crops by the time I'm writing this blog post.

  • Banana - Garit Sur
  • Rice Daffodils - Roxas Isabela - 6-8months
  • Squash - Lal-lo Cagayan

I'll be updating this post for my earnings for the 19th cycle as soon as I got the sales already

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