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Ryuma Ramen House Marikina

Ryuma Marikina Store Entrance
My bf's sister (Hi Bridget!) mentioned to try this affordable Japanese restaurant in Concepcion, Marikina named: Ryuma Ramen House. Located in Bayan Bayanan, beside Parco Supermarket and 7-11, around 5 to 10-minute walk from Concepcion Church Marikina.

We thought the place was still closed at 2PM when we arrived, but then we noticed that the right side of Ryuma was in renovation. There are chairs outside the store, but the guard and staff invited us to the 2nd floor. Remember it was 2PM already and we haven't had breakfast and lunch, it was really hot midday and it was great to stay in their AC room for our brunch :3

The place was filled with decors, flowers, flowers, and flowers - Even the ceiling!
The staff handed over their menu; my eyes can't believe to have a ramen costs P50 - I calm myself and set my expectation to what we'll pay for. Our orders came in after 15-20 minutes, we didn't wait that long and all orders are correct when it arrived.

Ryuma Menu

Ryuma Menu

Ryuma Menu
There's no sushi or drinks listed here, but they do offer service water, pineapple juice and soda in a can.

Here's what we ordered:
  • katsudon (Php 80)
Impressed for a thick sliced pork. I usually don't eat the fat part when it's chewy but this is not the case for Ryuma's Katsudon. It's tender and well cook, chew till it melts to your mouth.

As for the side dish, spaghetti! yup, you can see it right! spaghetti included - as per Bridget when they asked the staff about the owners, the husband was Japanese and wife is Pinay - we assumed that probably one of the reasons they have added a Filipino taste in this meal. If you ask me how was the spaghetti? it was a typical cheesy and sweet spaghetti - a mix of Mcdonald's and Jollibee Spaghetti, Toffee mentioned.

Coleslaw salad is shredded and instead of mayonaise, they use egg and vinegar.
  •  TAKOYAKI (Php 20 - 4 pcs)
Their takoyaki was ok for Php 20, contained flour and minced ingredient not sure if this was an octopus. I can't comment much on Takoyaki as I haven't tried an authentic Japanese takoyaki yet.

  •  Shoyu Ramen (Php 50)
Shoyu broth: Soy Sauce; Toffee also mentioned that the egg could have been boiled with soy sauce that's why it's brown. My bf doesn't cook but he's influenced by watching Soma (Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma). Naruto prepared in a diagonal slice. Shoyu has a half slice of egg and meat. Toffee mentioned that if there's something he likes to improve to their ramen it would be their noodles.
  •  MISO RAMEN (Php 50)
Richer taste than Shoyu if you would ask me, because of the Miso broth of course.
  •  GYOZA (Php 50)
5 pcs of Gyoza, small but still okay for me except for a nearly burnt one below XD
When we're about to leave the place, I saw this corner inside the 1st-floor dining area! They also sell cosmetics from Japan/Korea and I actually bought the  Theatrical Powder (10g) by Palgantong Cosmetics for only Php 150! Yup, I actually saw it on beautymnl.com for Php 650 regular price.
Overall, this was a great and affordable restaurant, but expect long queue during dinner. It was a great experience to have our late brunch, we'll surely go back again.
I hope they will have sushi too. :p

Store Hours 10:00AM - 10:30 PM
I also heard that they accept reservations :)

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