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Eddie's Kitchen, Cavaliers Village in Antipolo

Eddieboy's Kitchen also known as Eddie's Kitchen located beside the entrance of Cavaliers Village in Upper Antipolo has been one of the newest places I discovered in my area.
It was a challenge for me to visit this place at first because of the location - a sharp curve from along Sumulong highway and the pedestrian lane crossing (I'm a bit scared in crossing highways FYI specially in Sumulong area).
This June 2018, I was invited to try Eddie's Kitchen and surprisingly upon entering - I didn't expect how the place looks like inside. The restaurant area was small BUT has a chic interior and design chic! Good place for taking photos if you like to snap before eating like us.

My guy also noticed that their tablewares - are not rationed in a way that they offer heavy plates, a wooden plate for main dish and glassware too. See more photos about this as you keep on reading.

The restaurant can probably accommodate around 25 pax, Eddie's Kitchen also mentioned that they also serve catering for events and got their own events to place good for 200pax.
I have a photo of their current menu below. They have a mix of Italian and American Menu. Chef Tricia Ignacio of Eddie's Kitchen also mentioned that they can also do customer's request as long as they have the ingredients available such as pancit or a combination of other menu's ingredients.

Sicilian Salad
Fresh served salad with grapes, candied walnuts, lettuce, and mangoes. People who prefer less dressing would love this!

Italian Nachos
I personally like their Nachos and I have to agree with Chad and Neri that even around 30 minutes might pass while waiting for other dishes to be served, this not so crispy nacho (anymore) goes well with the meat cheese sauce.
Buffalo Wings
Sweet with a spicy zing - spiciness level can serve to kids too and I believe can be adjusted since requests are possible with Eddie's Kitchen.

Mixed Sausage Pasta
It goes with an olive oil base, it was an ok pasta for me but I personally preferred pasta with sauce.
Seafood Marinara
What I also like about Eddie's Kitchen they have a variety in their menu had a small kitchen can still do wonders. I like the Seafood Marinara and chunks of tomatoes here.
Half Pounder
Not a fan of big burgers honestly because I can't finish this at all.
Baby Back Rib Full Slab
Taho Cheesecake
Have you heard of this kind of cheesecake? first time to have it here in Eddie's Kitchen!
Steak and Cheese
We had 2 pizza served and I would give my vote to steak and cheese pizza because steak, cheese, and mushroom go well in this pizza. But my guy gave his vote to garlic shrimp pizza because he really loves seafood.
Garlic Shrimp
Chocolate Ganache with Caramel on top
Rich creamy chocolatey taste another must try from Eddie's Kitchen
Personal Recommendations:
  • Steak and Cheese Pizza
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • Sicilian Salad
  • Nachos
  • Seafood Marinara
  • Buffalo Wings

Eddieboy's Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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