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Recommended Beach-Tested Eyebrow Products!

I have read a thread on facebook for EYEBROW PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION for travelers - something longlasting, waterproof and perfect for beach trips. Answers are from Pinay traveler enthusiasts. I'm currently looking for one at the moment. Some may not prefer wear makeup in beach trips but there are still people who'd prefer to have Kilay Goals for their photos.

I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade but I already finished the small tub. My Jazzy Eyebrow Gel Kit lasts long but looks patchy after several hours. I observed, most of my eyebrow products fade after 2+ hours in the salt water and might smudge with my goggles or hair cover. So what to use next?

So I've compiled most numbers on brands/products mentioned - so these are not in any particular order. Some products may not even work for my skin type, mind as well may happen to you too - better to have options :)

I'm getting this list here so I'll have ideas for my future getaway.
  • BYS Brow Gel/Brow Tattoo
  • LA Girl Gel Liner
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade
  • Wunderbrow
  • K-Palette 2 in 1 Liquid and Powder
  • MUFE Aqua Brow
  • Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint
  • Jazzy Eyebrow Gel Kit
They also recommend Microblading but this procedure is not for me right now.
If you ask me what should I try from this list, I'm probably getting any from BYS, LA Girl, Maybelline. :)

What's your beach friendly pang-kilay?

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