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How to spot the fake Wunderbrow

Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel
REMINDER FOR YOU: This is posted April 2018, Wunder may release new packaging in the future if you're still reading this and may not be updated anymore. I am also comparing the one I bought online for a cheap price vs the Wunderbrow I received from the Press Release of Wunder official launch here in the Philippines. 

I'm delighted to receive a good feedback from my readers from my series posts on how to spot fakes now I decided to create a new one which is Wunderbrow - which is a known eyebrow brand for the following -proofs reasons: Smudgeproof, Waterproof, Transfer proof. Mentioned as well as a beach tested product from my previous blog post.

If you're planning to buy one, here's a retail price from the Official PH Wunder Online Store, BeautyMNL and Zalora

Php 1,600 (30.67 USD)

From the Wunder2 EU Site it costs:

29,95 €

Conversion as of 03/31/2018
Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel
The fake Wunderbrow costs ~Php 60 or around US$ 1.15 depends on where you buy it.

Wunderbrow is now in the Philippines!

Not everyone was born with bold, lush set of brows - That’s why some are compensating with brow tints, traditional brow pencils, and powders that can be hard to apply and can even look unnatural and don’t even stay in place. While some go for growth-stimulating serums and even hair transplants, others achieve beautiful brows by going to the extreme of “eyebrow tattooing”. This process certainly lasts, but often looks unnatural too, and could be painful and expensive.

Angelyn Masangkay, head of Wunder2 Philippines, was quick to observe that Filipinas have been looking for a strong brow product that can truly address their brow issues such as sparse, thin hair, bald spots or brow products that easily smudge off.

“Being a social media marketer myself, I’ve noticed that #EyebrowsOnFleek and #KilayIsLife are always trending, proving that Filipinas are highly conscious of their brows, I’ve always known then that Filipinas are always on the look for the best eyebrow product when I’ve stumbled upon the hypes of Wunder2 reviews in the USA and Europe. Wunderbrow has lived up to its promise of smudge-proof, waterproof eyebrows that last for days. I just knew that this is exactly what Filipinas need, and therefore, I knew I needed to bring and offer Wunder2 here in the Philippines.” - Angeline shared.

Wunder2, the international cosmetics brand founded in London, UK that offers high-tech beauty, has resolved women’s universal brow dilemma with WUNDERBROW. WunderBrow is a premium eyebrow gel that has become a widely popular cult favorite. It addresses brow hair loss issues with its advanced innovation for an eyebrow beauty trick that lasts for days.

WunderBrow takes pride in its exclusive Permafix Technology and proprietary Hair Fiber Complex that creates the perfect brow in less than two minutes that will last for days. It contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specifically treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair.

This Hair Fiber Complex is then fused into our PermaFix Gel to create a flexible matrix, locking the natural color and hairs onto our brows. The results are natural looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows that last for days.

Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk

When Sephora PH announced their free shipping flash sale, I finally decided to get this low ph cleanser from Sephora Collection. They have no minimum purchase indicated + no code needed.

Price ₱193.00 each instead of ₱308.00 for the 50ml tube
These are my Sephora freebies from this purchase. I got the makeup remover from the Sephora app (code applied).

My Althea Big Beauty Blowout Haul

Last February 2018, Althea Korea recently had a massive clearance sale. Products tagged under clearance sale are all 50% using their coupon code!
I hoard several masks from their website and repurchased the beloved products I often ran out - which is not tagged under clearance sale. It was difficult to check out, and items from my cart got out of stock while I'm still adding other stuff. So no Natural Pacific Calendula Toner for me :(

This was the boxed I received from this sale btw.
BEUINS Honey Scrub Mask
I did promise myself I'll get the full-size tub when I got the sample size from Althea birthday box last year. I mentioned it as well on my Instagram Account here

Recommended Beach-Tested Eyebrow Products!

I have read a thread on facebook for EYEBROW PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION for travelers - something longlasting, waterproof and perfect for beach trips. Answers are from Pinay traveler enthusiasts. I'm currently looking for one at the moment. Some may not prefer wear makeup in beach trips but there are still people who'd prefer to have Kilay Goals for their photos.

I have the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade but I already finished the small tub. My Jazzy Eyebrow Gel Kit lasts long but looks patchy after several hours. I observed, most of my eyebrow products fade after 2+ hours in the salt water and might smudge with my goggles or hair cover. So what to use next?

So I've compiled most numbers on brands/products mentioned - so these are not in any particular order. Some products may not even work for my skin type, mind as well may happen to you too - better to have options :)

I'm getting this list here so I'll have ideas for my future getaway.
  • BYS Brow Gel/Brow Tattoo
  • LA Girl Gel Liner
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade
  • Wunderbrow
  • K-Palette 2 in 1 Liquid and Powder
  • MUFE Aqua Brow
  • Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint
  • Jazzy Eyebrow Gel Kit
They also recommend Microblading but this procedure is not for me right now.
If you ask me what should I try from this list, I'm probably getting any from BYS, LA Girl, Maybelline. :)

What's your beach friendly pang-kilay?

Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Foam and Essence

After all my skincare posts on Instagram, here's a first impression post about Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Whitening Foam and Essence which is a collaboration with Eiskin Laboratories.

Mesoestetic is a brand from Spain which develops a large variety of topical products for anti-aging and professional treatment for over-all skin care.
I received two products from this brand which I'm using for more than a week. The Ultimate W+ Whitening Foam and Whitening Essence.
Melanogenesis is the natural biochemical process responsible for production of the skin pigments that give the skin color and protect it from UV radiation. This process can be altered by exogenous and/or endogenous factors that trigger localized overproduction of melanin, causing unsightly blotches and uneven skin tone. The main cause of melanin overproduction is exposure to the sun. However, genetic factors, hormonal factors, skin aging, photosensitizing agents, etc. also play a role.
Ultimate W+ Whitening Foam – SRP Php2,000 - Foam with cleansing and purifying action that effectively removes traces of makeup, eliminating dead skin cells and impurities.

The packaging comes in a squeeze tube and foam cream is runny. It doesn't lather much which is okay and it retains moisture to the skin. Perfect if you do not prefer squeaky facial foam.

It works with a triple action:
  • Whitening ad Lightening - it has tyrosinase and a-MSH - involved in the process of synthesis of melanin; even out and clarifies the skin tone; stimulates cellular renewal.
  • Anti-aging and Moisturising - reduces wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin texture and minimize the size of the pores. Improves the skin's function as a natural barrier.
  • Preventive and Protective - powerful antioxidant and protects skin against UV rays and pollution

Ultimate W+ Whitening Foam Active Ingredients:

Aloe vera

Powerful hydrating, soothing and whitening action. Helps to eliminate minor blemishes.

Glycolic and lactic acid

Alpha hydroxy acids with keratolytic action. Promotes cell renewal and strengthens the natural barrier capacity of the skin.

Ultimate W+ Whitening Essence – SRP Php3,800 - Intensive serum with a whitening and antioxidant effect on the skin. Prevents and significantly attenuates the appearance of dark spots and fine wrinkles, unifying the tone of the skin.

This is a great partner for the facial foam. They have aligned targets for skin needs which I mentioned earlier. The pump can be controlled and no worries for the packaging since it comes with a seal that prevents spilling. The white essence absorbs into the skin easily. If you like to do whitening but don't like to peel off some skin which is known in the Philippines), go for something that will save and nourish your skin. 

Ultimate W+ Whitening Essence Active Ingredients:

[meso]white complex®

Exclusive complex of active ingredients of proven efficacy that inhibits melanin production.

Garden Cress. 

Powerful phytonutrient that inhabits tyrosinase and α-MSH, both involved in melanin synthesis processes. Attenuates the appearance of spots on skin and provides whitening benefits.

Aloe vera

Powerful hydrating, soothing and whitening action. Helps to eliminate minor blemishes.

I have incorporated these 2 with my AM and PM routine. So far it works together with my other products coz I'm currently doing the Korean Skin Care Routine. I do not experience any bad reaction to these 2 products and will continue using it. I'm also sharing it with my mother hoping it can help her dark spots tp fade.

For more information about the Mesoestetic, check out their SNS:
Facebook: Mesoestic Philippines
Instagram: Mesoesteticph