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South Cebu

I'm sharing very late post about out South Cebu Tour last September 2017 (I'm currently writing this February 2018). I hope we're able to recover all our photos and videos that tour, but not till now. I even took a photo of our expense breakdown but lost it. This is not (yet) a travel blog, so don't expect detailed information.

We've been planning this tour for several months already and we're very excited and scheduled our leaves ahead. Thinking if we're going to do it DIY or get a tour guide to help us budget our limited time.
Good thing, I got a message from Ms. Kris, who's looking for joiners for their South Cebu Tour as well. We spent the tour with their family to save time and yet experience the best of South Cebu as well. She recommended a locally based tour guide Sir Arlou and guide us for our tour which is good for 6-8pax  for Php 3,400~ which consists of the following:
Pescador Island Hopping
  • Corals Watchings
  • Sardines Run
  • Turtle Sanctuary
  • Snorkel
  • Life Vest 
  • Boat

Canyoneering Kawasan Falls
  • Life Vest
  • Head Gear
  • Gate Pass
  • Entrance
  • Transportation
  • Lunch

Osmena Peak
  • Transportation
Oslob Whale Watching
  • Entrance Fee
  • Transportation

Somilon Sandbar
  • Transportation
  • Boat
I do not recommend the lodging because they ran out of the water sometimes.

Major Expenses in Philippine Peso (each person)
  • P1850 - 2 way Plane Ticket via Cebu Pacific which includes bag allowance
  • P25 - Bus from Mactan Airport - SM City Cebu. Then we took Uber that time to go to Bus Terminal (x2)
  • P~200 - Ceres Bus from Cebu terminal until Moal Boal where we stay and started our tour  (x2)
  • P3400 - Tour
  • P1500 - Lodging for 4 days 3 nights
City DIY tour, Food and Pasalubong expense are not included.

It's recommended to buy pasalubong (Danggit and Lechon) during your last day. For Lechon recommendation, we love House of Lechon's where we had our lunch than Zubuchon - which we bought at Mactan Airport. There's a lot of variety of Cebu Lechon these days, your taste buds will tell the difference. 

Cebu's Sun Dried Fish or Danggit - always craving for it specially Biya Danggit variant. It's really different if you'll compare it to Dried Fish sold in Supermarkets and wet market. We spent a lot with danggit just because of its Cebu's Danggit!
There's a lot more to see in Cebu. I hope to be back here and experience more of this pretty place. 

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