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RA&GOWOORI Real Kill Black - New Packaging 2017

 I had a big boil infection on legs, I already took medication but I know what will happen to those boil after several weeks, it will leave a noticeable dark scar. Checking out new options I can try, I found this RA & GOWOORI Real Kill Horse Cream - black - on a facebook group which caters you'll-see-here-before-korean-products link here. Whenever I see a hyped product, I really dig in to try it if I know I can use it for something.

Price: Around P400-450~
Where to buy: Online only or meetups, check the facebook group and you might find a reseller nearest to you for meetups :)
PS: I bought these several months ago, and it already comes in a new packaging, I'll add it below.
RA&GOWOORI Real Kill Black - New Packaging 2017
RA&GOWOORI Real Kill Black - New Packaging as of October 2017
Photos below are the old packaging

I prefer the older packaging because of box quality. So I already repurchased as you can see.
I applied it on my face, UA and fresh scars. I like the result so far.

 Really thick cream, suitable for heavy moisturizing nights.
Here's my before after of using Real Kill Black.