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Angel Whitening Laser Experience at Luminisce Skin Clinic

I saw my blogger friend's VLOG about the Luminisce Starwalker Angel White treatment and she encouraged me to try the treatment. Before I got into blogging, I was really afraid to try such treatment and when I heard the word 'laser', it brings up a chill feel. I just imagined how it may feel when I'll be the one to try it, good thing Lace mentioned that the procedure is safe, even for first timers like me!

What is Starwalker Angel Whitening Laser by Luminisce?

Angel Whitening delivers instant and immediate whitening results that get even better over time. Just like your favorite photo editing apps, the laser technology used for this treatment diminishes unwanted pigments on the skin in real time. Luminisce Angel Whitening Laser Treatment addresses both epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions, including professionally done tattoos.

Arrival at the clinic:

Luminisce Clinic is located in 2nd Floor Mercury Drug Building, 32nd St., 4th Ave.Fort Bonifacio Taguig. The easiest way to locate the clinic is to look for St. Lukes BGC, opposite the hospital, is Mercury Drug Building, go to the left side and there’s the entrance going to the 2F of the building.
When I arrived at the clinic, the nurse therapists are all smiling and they first asked me if I like water or tea and handed the health history record for patient medical history.

Consultation with the doctor:

Dra. Kaycee Reyes asks my skin concerns in term of whitening, I’m a bit concern with my underarm (UA) shadow + chicken skin too. Luminisce Starwalker Angel Whitening Laser can also treat face, body, inguinal folds aside from UA. My UA history is somewhat lucky in a way that I didn’t have much hair. My eyelashes are thicker than my UA hair and I can barely see them too. I inherited it from my mother, thanks mom! :D I even forgot when was the last time I had my UA shaved, I really think I don’t need it. The only concern is my UA folds, a bit of shadow and chicken skin ~ not sure why I have it when I don’t even pluck. Hair is too thin to pluck by the way.

I asked my doctor regarding how Starwalker Angel Whitening Laser works, as per Dra. Kaycee, the laser will not hurt, better have the UA shaved because the laser would be more attracted to the hair rather than the follicle root which may give “mas malakas na pitik during the treatment”. Session count varies per patient’s condition. I’ll be updating this post after a week or so if there’s noticeable improvement.

There’s no post treatment for UA treatment, however, Dra. Kaycee mentioned that there would be post treatment for face and other parts of the body which are most exposed. I would prefer not to wear something tight and will skip deodorant (I don’t really sweat much anyway).


I’m really nervous at first when the Dra. Kaycee and the nurse therapist, Mae set up the Starwalker Angel Whitening. They used 2 laser rods during the procedure. Honestly, it just tickled slightly, but was able to cope after a few minutes and feel relaxed thereon. It's pain free and no redness after the session. The whole treatment lasts for 30 minutes
You can also watch how it is done here:

Before and After:

Here's my before and after the procedure. Underarm chicken skin looks less visible and no longer bumpy after 1 session.

Price: Php 6,000/session for Starwalker Angel Whitening Laser - Underarm

Tips: For clients who would like to try it in UA area, it is required to have it shaved, in case you forgot, you can have it shaved in the clinic.

For consultation by appointment, call +632 511 8500 or visit www.luminisce.com


  1. Hello. Finally got to see the price of this treatment. Wondering if this is worth the oenny or not. How about your follow uo treatments? Were those super effective too? Appreciate your response :)

    1. I only tried 1 session for this treatment, sorry I can't provide inputs for any follow up treatments.