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Celeteque Ultra Nourishing Lip Lacquer

Celeteque Dermocosmetic product: Celeteque Ultra Nourishing Lip Lacquer (P645) that feels like lip gloss and dries to like a lip balm after hours.

  •  Fruity scent. 
  • A little shine is not bad at all tho this is a bit tacky for me.
  •  I also think it's quite expensive for a 15ml tube.
  • Smooth consistency and glides easily during application

These are lightweight, smooth, and non-greasy and comes in three shades: Natural Nude, Soft Pink, and Velvet Red. This gel-based lip moisturizer will keep your lips soft and supple all day, thanks to a formulation that includes the hydrating and moisturizing Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), castor seed oil, and  Panthenol, all of which contribute to softer, smoother lips.

Caronia Escapades Collection #TRAVELGOALS

Get these captivating shades of gray as your Instagram-worthy nails this summer season! Featuring the newest collection of Caronia: Escapades Collection #travelgoals!
Caronia Escapades Collection 2017
Caronia Nail Polish in Break free best match adventurous type who loves trying things that are out of her comfort zone.
Caronia Escapades Collection - BREAK FREE
Caronia Nail polish in Road Trip for someone who loves long rides and the green views along the way! This mossy gray will liven the nature lover in you!
Caronia Escapades Collection - ROAD TRIP
While Caronia Nail Polish in Day off if just feel like having a quick and light weekend getaway.
Caronia Escapades Collection - DAY OFF
Get the collection in a limited edition promo pack and Check out Caronia Website and Social Media Sites for more details: Caronia Philippines

Lizly What a Lovely Palette

I've seen this pretty palette over Althea Site and grab my chance to try it. I haven't tried much Korean Eyeshadow palette brands before because I'm not really using eyeshadow on a daily basis.
Price: P460
Where to buy: Althea Korea

For first time orders, you may use my Althea Korea referral link to get up to ₱200 off when you signed up and make a purchase!

The Lizly What a Lovely Palette from Althea Korea is a compact palette and it has a simple gold back packaging. 
Lizly What a Lovely Palette
at the back of the case comes the details in Korean Text.
Lizly What a Lovely Palette
Colors: Lovely Girl, Lovely love, Lovely Heart
Lovely Day, Lovely Sunset and Lovely Night
Lizly What a Lovely Palette

BodyLight by Aesthetic Science Clinic

I know how challenging it is to lose weight. From 140lbs then shed some until 125lbs, but you found yourself stuck there? Weight loss is not as instant like what we think it was. Fad diets may not be effective in the long term if not partnered with the right weight management lifestyle. Aesthetic Science Clinic came up with a program that aims healthy living as a way to lose the extra fats for good.

The BodyLight by Aesthetic Science Clinic, is a system that integrates Science, Wellness and Life Coaching to help manage weight and give you the ideal lasting results that will balance the mind, body and spirit.
Losing weight can be a pleasant journey and should not be equated with suffering. The ultimate goal of BodyLight aims is to lose the excess weight while staying healthy. A personalize plan for individuals will be made on HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT:
  • Heed Expert's Advice
  • Consult licensed medical professional before getting into a certain diet plan or before buying any health product that hasn't been approved by Bureau of Food and Drugs or the Food and Drug  Administration.
  • Evaluate Medical History
  • Unhealthy weight gain might be caused of different medical history. Some of there are Hypothyrodism, PCOS, Adrenal Insufficiency, and Gut problems.
  • Avoid Unhealthy Eating Habits
  • Lack of discipline in consuming the right kind of food? Focus on whole and real foods, having a low-sugar and low-salt diet and hydrating adequately with water.
  • Live and Active Life
  • Have a regular physical activity to maintain physically fit.
  • Take a break
  • Stress eating? Most emotional eaters don't realize that stress affects their excess weight gain.
  • Have enough
  • Sleep Have at least 7-8 hours sleep and get much sleep between 9PM to 3AM.
  • You
  • Keep yourself a happy disposition and stay away from toxic relationship. A positive self-esteem can foster love for one's body, translating into a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

B.E.D.Ritual and Kojie.San DreamWhite

Kojie San introduces their newest anti-ageing beauty line that is especially formulated for Asian Skin: The Kojie.San DreamWhite. I'm glad that they have this newest line that would benefit Filipina women who have regular bouts of sleep deprivation due to everyday responsibilities and activities.

Honestly guilty that I also lack enough sleep daily. I only have 5-6 hours of sleep everyday. If you're like me maybe you'll notice that our face looks dull compared when we have the right sleeping hours.
Did you know that women needs 20 minutes more of sleep than men? [Source] Apart from all the activities that they take on, women’s need for extra sleep is also due to how their brains work harder during the day and are wired differently from men.