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Cheapest Ramen I've Tried - Yatai Yakitori Ramen

Yatai Yakitori Ramen is a Ramen bar in upper Antipolo. I just found the most affordable ramen on my reach in Antipolo Area! This ramen bar is known for its affordable ramen and gyoza. How affordable? you can get a bowl of ramen for just P60! No wonder why their got queuing customers and full seats during dinner.

Location: Update that as of March 14, 2017, Antipolo branch will be moving to better location soon, but currently located in Claveria Plaza, Circumferential Road, Antipolo, Rizal
Nearest Landmarks: rotonda along Max's, Good Year, Flying V, Gems Hotel.

Yatai Yakitori Ramen Menu

Yatai Yakitori Ramen Menu
Yatai Yakitori Ramen has limited seats. Opens Mondays until Saturdays 4PM until 2AM. However, don't arrive too late, they have limited ingredients as they also accept take aways.

Here's their menu. They offer Ramen in 3 sizes and 4 flavors (? 4 including what I ordered). I ordered Gyoza and Konbata Chasumen Superbowl (which is on their other menu).

Gyoza P40

It was a good gyoza for me, but lacks meat/veggie filling. I hope they can add more fillings inside. Dipping sauce really help to taste.
Yatai Yakitori Ramen
Yatai Yakitori Ramen Gyoza

Konbata Chasumen P130 for Superbowl size

I like ramen in big bowls even if I can't really finish it off. The broth and flavoring was new for me. It's not what I expected based on what I've tried before. Toppings include nori, 2 slices of Chasu (Pork Belly), sesame seeds, other veggies, corn, butter... They recommend this flavor to kids tho for me it got some bitter aftertaste.
Yatai Yakitori Ramen
Yatai Yakitori Ramen Konbata Chasumen Superbowl
The size of super bowl in the photo comparing to a 5-peso coin.
Yatai Yakitori Ramen
It was light yellow in color and I really thought it was somewhat close to Mami Noodles. The soup is light, the noodles is light as well. I hope they can get a better noodle supplier here.
All of the Yatai Yakitori crew are busy, they are also attentive checking and order follow up.
Overall, I'm willing to order their Gyoza again, but I'll pass Konbata Chasumen. Maybe try other flavors next time. If you're looking for budget friendly and first time to try ramen noodles, I can recommend Yatai Yakitori Ramen. :)

Yatai Yakitori Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I dont like their ramen... I'd rather go for expensive and ending up with happy tummy, than cheap and regret wishing for give your money back kind of feeling.
    I got an after taste on konbata ramen like its bitter or something... It looks good but if you taste it, its not japanese at all.

    1. Yes I agree, but we'll not know if we'll not try it. I'll pass with Konbata Chasumen, not sure yet with other ramen.