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The Dimsum Place - Greenhills Annapolis

I've been into several Chinese diner before and if ever you've tried Chinese food and like that distinct taste, for sure there's a craving that you always like to try it again.

March 2017, I'm blessed to be part of the Zomato Food Meet Up and try this branch of The Dimsum Place in Greenhills Annapolis. The Dimsum Place is the sister company of King Bee and Xilaimen, and so some main dish tastes really the same for me. The Dimsum Place, based on the name serves different kinds of dimsum all day and other Chinese Pastries, Steam Rice Bowls, Rice Plates, Noodle Soup, Congee, Desserts and more!

Nearest landmark if you're going here is nearby Santolan MRT and Greenhills Annapolis, check out google map here (link). They also offer free parking to customers.

Asado Fried Rice (P240)

It was an okay fried rice for me. The serving is good for sharing. The meat slices are generous but the meat itself lacks a bit of the asado taste.

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup (P160)*

Tastes the same as the Authentic Chinese brisket noodles I've tried in Binondo.

Buckwheat Tea (P50)

gluten free tea that improves weight loss, try their buckwheat tea.

Hacao (P100) and Pork Siomai (P100)*

Expect sumptuous shrimp inside!

Crispy Radish Cake (P100)*

this always appeared on the table of Chinese New Year Day. This is something new for me because of the crispy texture matched the soft pudding like consistency of the radish inside. The chilli sauce if The Dimsum Place was a pass for me~ anyway I can eat the radish cake without the chilli sauce. :D

Steamed Vermicelli Roll with Shrimp (P170)

My first time to see this kind of roll. Sauce not yet added in the photo. 

Sweet and Sour Pork (P260)*

Exact taste with King Bee's Sweet and Sour Pork and one of my favorites. It balanced the taste and tenderness of the pork.
*Must Try

I'll try their Pork Buns soon. It's one of their best seller and runs out of stock during lunch time.
The Dimsum Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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