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Break Free by Don Soriano

Having difficulty in building the right business mindset and need of some helpful tips to business world success? I definitely agree with words of Don Soriano, author of the Financial Literacy book: Break Free. 

This is the modern guide for the newbie Filipino entrepreneur. It's a one-stop shop that can help you quickly build the business mindset in a 1 hour read. Discover the 8 principles you need to know for massive success in the business world. If you're at a point of confusion, struggle and unhappiness with your life, learn from this easy to read book specifically written for people who want to Break Free from a life struggle and live the life of their dreams as Entrepreneurs.
I honestly wish I've read this book before I got into my first work. I wish students can start reading books like this as well so it can be their start guide in starting a career in terms of their money management, investment tips, etc. This is a good book for people in their twenties or even thirties who didn't get the basics.

The book inspired me to continue my part time business and don't quit my full time job unless I have enough savings and wait for the perfect time.
Success is when I add value to myself, Significance is when i add value to others - John Maxwell
It's a breeze to read this one even if you do not have a lot financial background. I haven't finished it in 1 hour seating due to some tasks I need to do first. I have a checklist in my mind while reading this book, thinking if I already did or have done this and that. Learning from other mistakes can help us to correct ourselves ahead.

I recommend this to anyone who would like to handle their money and cash flow wisely specially if they haven't read any book yet.

If you're interested to get a copy of this book, send a Facebook Message to Don Soriano's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iamdonsoriano

Price: P300 + shipping fee of P70 for Metro Manila and P110 for outside Metro Manila.

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