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How to Spot Fake Colourpop Lippie Stix

UPDATE REMINDER FOR YOU: This is posted January 2017, Colourpop newest packaging releases may not be updated here. Lippie stix compared here is bought 2015, fake is bought 2017. 
I'll just update this once I already got the new release. Hope you read the whole post first before sending me blast emails and comments if you got the fake colourpop or not, I'm sorry but will no longer respond to those kind of emails.

You might saw my series of Spot The Fake #STFbyGlendabelle  particularly the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip and the Real Techniques Brushes. This month, I check Divisoria again to look for something I can compare with what I currently have, I ended up with the Colourpop Lippie Stix.

I actually forgot the shade I got for the genuine I ended up taking BRINK instead.

To know what's the difference between the Genuine and Fake Colourpop, check out after the jump!

Packaging - box

FAKE displays Darker color for the MADE WITH ❤ IN THE U.S.A. text at the bottom of the box.

For below photo: Box is almost the same except for the sticker of the shade.
Genuine box was a bit yellowish already since I got this during the first release of Colourpop Lippie Stix. They do not have the Liquid Lipsticks yet.


Genuine P350 (7 USD)
Fake P55 (1.1 USD)
It was really cheap! but beware, you'll get what you are paying for.
Another one to check is the other bottom part. You know it's authentic when it says WE ❤ FUR BABIES.

Fake Colourpop Lippie Stix comes with a sticker at the bottom of the box that displays the name and the finish.
Checking the brand monogram: Almost the same EXCEPT that the FAKE looks MORE ENGRAVED than the GENUINE, see photo below:

Inside the box

When buying online, make sure it's brand new and complete with a paper inside the box containing the ingredients of different lippie stix finish. Don't forget the shade's sticker + finish which is not displayed on the front side of Fake Colourpop.
It's really hard if you do not have the genuine one to compare. Check the printed label of the Colourpop Text. Fake Colourpop looks a bit bolder than genuine, you can easily tell here the difference.


The fake's cap can easily remove that there's a possibility that it might scatter inside the bag. More force was exerted when taking off the genuine's cap. I also noticed that the FAKE's cap was too loose to fit the GENUINE'S lippie stix. It doesn't snap to close. So it means it has a bigger diameter than the genuine one. 

Lippie Stix Tube - Stickers

Since I only got 1 genuine lippie stix right now, here's a comparison of the bottom stickers. I believe Colourpop also print in white ink. I can't tell easily in this photo sorry.

Lippie Stix Tube 

Still bold prints for the lippie stix tube itself.
Almost the same in the photo, packaging was nicely done by the OEM company. Fake Brink is not yet used in the photo below:

Lippie Stix - Bullet Stick

Should I call it bullet stick? (let me know so I can update this part what could be a better term :3).
Fake Colourpop Lippie Stix was not perfectly poured, you can still see clearly that it shows mold separation lines.  Genuine Colourpop Lippie Stix is just perfect, no blemish here is visible.


Genuine smells like vanilla - chocolate, Fake smells like plastic for me.


I bought different shades but with the same matte finish. I asked girls about the finish of their colourpop lippie stix - matte, they confirmed that it's really a CREAMY MATTE finish. Matte X which was the new formulation comes with the dry matte.

Here's a skin swatch of Fake Colourpop Brink VS Genuine Colourpop Westie. There's big difference here, just check out colourpop's shade of brink which is more on the Teracotta rose, the fake looks more of the red coral side, it also different on the tube stick :(
The dry matte finish of my Fake Colourpop Brink vs Genuine Colourpop Westie. Dry matte and Creamy Matte.

You can really tell that there's something in the lips when I tried the Fake Colourpop Brink.
Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post

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