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A'pieu Half and Half Colorstick

Gradient lips enhances the face looking more youthful and this trend hit way back 2013, and we're still not over it! I'm used to using tints as it would be easier for me to blend the color, there are some who use concealer first to make the base lip pale - I tried this but honestly I'm not comfortable with concealer on lips.

Now it's easy to get the look with the use of gradient lipstick for ladies on the go.
VDL and Laniege released their vesion of gradient lipsticks when the trend hit, I haven't tried them yet but I found these A'pieu Half and Half Colorstick from Yonjikonji Korea

Megasale Price P148

Product Details:
Two-toned color lipstick with half matte texture lip color and half glossy tinted lip balm to give a gradation lip color finish. It gives a beautiful matte velvety finish. Contains banana extract to give lips vitality. Made in Korea.

  • You'll definitely agree with me that this would be the cheapest gradient lip product (Korean Brand) it's just P148! Yay for the megasale!
  • I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm comfortable in applying the lipstick like 45 deg for this product, So I can make the gradient to fully cover my lips. Expect uneven application for gradient lipsticks.
  • Creamy matte lipstick side and intense moisture for the lipbalm are just perfect combination for my drying lips.
Honestly, I have no issues with this, except the fact that the lip balm might be consumed at first, why not both :(.
What do you think?

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