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Skin Deep Lip & Cheek Tint

If you are following me on Instagram, you would notice I mentioned about this Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tints. Now I'm writing a blog post about these lip tints that I ordered from Shaula of Skin Deep Manila.

Price: P160 each

It comes with a roller tint packaging and it has a gel tint consistency. In which probably why it is more pigmented than other liquid lip tints.

 I bought 3 shades: Glam, Fiery, and Diva.

I noticed that Glam isn't the shade how it looks on their product swatched online. A bit lighter than their color swatched. It's also hard to roll, I had to add water to make the gel a bit runny for ease of application. They have a simple packaging, probably they can produce better design soon!

Update: After a month update, I find all shades I got was now difficult to roll on lips unless I really put on pressure in shaking the tint and rolling it hard to issue to make the contents flowing. :(

I also saw that they have a matte liquid lipstick! I'll probably check them too for you!
Here's a photo when swatched to my lips.

Since it's gel, it doesn't stain my lips easily compared to liquid tints. 

I tried using my Bifesta Makeup Remover and it removed but still leaves a pretty little stain on lips.

Here's some lip swatches:
 I took more selfies below wearing the Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tint.
Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tint Fiery
Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tint Fiery

Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tint Glam
Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tint Glam

Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tint Diva
Skin Deep Lip and Cheek Tint Diva
It's affordable and perfect as gift to teens who would like to start their makeup kits! :p GLAM is preferred for them! <3

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