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Bench Paint Box 24 Hour Lip Tattoo

Bench Paint Box and Bench personal products have caught my attend when I first tried the amazing Dry Shampoo (got a 2nd bottle spray already), Eyeshadow stick which I can wear for a whole day event and their Compact Powder which I just hit the pan. Now I bought the Bench 24 Hour Lip Tattoo. It's simply a lip tint, probably the reason why they named it as lip tattoo because it's really long lasting.
Price: Php 259
Available in Pink and Red
Bench Paint Box 24 Hour Lip Tattoo

Product Ingredients:

Bench Paint Box 24 Hour Lip Tattoo
Another Bench product made in Korea. It has a doe applicator like most lip tints. I purchased the pink shade first then followed by red shade a week later because I'm really amazed!
Bench Paint Box 24 Hour Lip Tattoo
Skin swatched and wiped using a plain tissue Bench Paint Box 24 Hour Lip Tattoo
Bench Paint Box 24 Hour Lip Tattoo
Lip tints are light and feel nothing, that's why this is my preferred lip product for daily use. Lipsticks and matte lipsticks for days I feel playful.  This Bench Lip Tattoo doesn't have noticeable smell and aftertaste. It is not too runny as other lip tints - with a wrong application of runny lip tints, it usually stains the teeth.

Lip swatches here:

Top: Prior to application, Middle: 1 layer, Bottom: after eating dinner
I mentioned 1 layer, what I mean here is that I coat my upper and lower with the use of a single dip of the Lip Tattoo. It might be pricey to some who uses Lip Tints which usually costs Php 200 below, but considering that a single dip can cover the whole lip, so why not right? It's really tinted and long lasting and I love it!
24 Hour claim:
I haven't tried 24 hours of the lip tint on my lips since I brush my teeth and lips 3x or more per day. Even though I haven't tested it for 24 hours, but removing of the stain in my skin was really hard - that what makes me convinced to buy the other color as well.

Here's the pink shade swatched:
Bench Paint Box 24 Hour Lip Tattoo

I would recommend this for sure! Support local! <3

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