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Feature: Tony and Jackey SM Masinag Acid Perm & Keratin Treatment

T&J Salon Professionals is created from the masters of techniques, from training ground of Bangs T&J Salon same professionalism and quality made affordable.

Curl & Slim for extremely damaged hair
Acid waves usually have a pH rating between 4.5 and 7.0, and require heat to speed processing. The main ingredient in an acid perm is glyceryl mono thioglycolate. Since hair has a pH of around 5.0, acid waves are less damaging to the hair, require the heat of a dryer usually and typically do not produce as firm as curl as an alkaline wave.

It is best for individuals with:
  • very fine textured hair
  • damaged hair
  • has been processed with other harsh chemical services again
Alkaline waves are made using an alkaline ingredient, generally ammonium thioglycolate. They are also usually between 9.0 and 9.6 in pH. Alkaline waves are also called "COLD WAVES" since they don't need any extra heat source to process. These work best on hair that is coarse, thick or resistant to processing as well as "normal" virgin hair as they are much stronger when compared to acid waves.

Acid Perm package 

Hair Cut + Keratin Treatment + Okover Rebonding or Perm
They have current promo of 55% discount, now its only Php 4,999 (originally costs Php 9,000)
Specially made for severed damaged hair that needs a rebond/perm treatment. With Active Alkaline substance that infuse the Plant-Protein to the hair for more elastic and soft hair

All hair treatments of Tony and Jackey would be for approval, they will decide if you can take the treatment - if it would be safe for the current hair condition or if it would take effect on treated hair. They are open for discussion and hair check up - this is what I like as well with T&J, they give importance to the client's condition prior to giving them requested treatment, such a great service.
I'm not yet sure if Acid Perm would look good on me so I try their Keratin Treatment and opted to curl my hair with an iron after.
Kera-Protein costs P1000 for my medium length hair.
L: During the treatment process
R: Meet my fellow blogger and HS-mate Shy of shyieesolove.com
L: This is my almost normal hair look. Sometimes how I look here as well
M: My look after the treatment, They curl my hair as well with a flat iron. I think its lovely!
R: How pale I look when I do not have lip color? Hair looks tamed the next day after washing.
Overall, I like the service of T&J Salon Professionals - SM Masinag Branch. They offer clients with either tea. water or coffee, something to read and candies. I've always love Korean and Japanese hair cut, it looks well trimmed and unusual but stunning and often stands out than 'normal' cuts.
For more information about T&J Salon Professional, you may visit their
website: http://www.tandjsalon.com/

Promos and Services are listed as well, make sure to check their Facebook page for updates!
Facebook Page: T& J Salon Professional

Okover Rebond and Perm is available at T&J Professionals by Tony and Jackey SM Masinag Branch.

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